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Brian Quinn
09-14-2011, 04:30 PM

Brian (y)

Raised on Rock
09-15-2011, 12:50 AM
That's the kind of Elvis related stuff I love to read. Forget the "inner circle", let's take a deep look into the musicians words.

Many thanks.

09-15-2011, 03:14 AM
Much agreed, Eduardo and thank for posting, Brian.

I love this:

"You know what a great singer is?" Putnam says. "It is someone who can deliver mundane lines with such tremendous emotion, it gives you chill bumps ... makes you feel things he or she didn't even say. Two people I worked with could do that - Elvis and Ray Charles. I think Little Richard could do that, and James Brown. But there weren't many. Elvis could do it every time he picked up a microphone."

For me this has always been the biggest part of Elvis' appeal -- certainly one of his numerous extraordinary attributes but the one that matters the most to me, at least as far as his singing goes. People who don't get Elvis, I have reasoned, are people who aren't really listening. They are people who find him uncool because they think of impersonators and "Vegas lounge singer" and of teddy bears and hound dogs and jelly doughnuts and blue-haired old ladies and sightings on the the Weekly World Report, etc. That crap clouds their thinking and doesn't let them listen. It has to be something like this at play because I can't imagine listening to Elvis and not having the very reaction that 'Put' described above. Great stuff.

Raised on Rock
09-16-2011, 02:48 AM
Often I found the anti-Elvis, and yes, its never about the music, its about the wrong image built around him, their arguments are about the same or similar issues you mentioned rarely about the music, in fact they've never heard anything beyond Love Me Tender or Viva las Vegas, and usually their acount is not even through Elvis but a cheap impersonactor. I don't argue with them. I hush, and just let my Ipod "special" playlist go, and along with The Stones, or Zeppelin, or some blues stuff or whatever the anti-Elvis don't have a problem, suddenly some selected Elvis goes, and the result its always the same: hey what's that? that's pretty good stuff... errr, well that is Elvis Presley, and you know the rest, it goes from: I never heard that, never knew he actually did something like that, and suddenly if not a fan, some new respect to Elvis is born, not through arguments, but just by lisening without crap in the head.

That's what I think releases like "Young Man With the Big Beat" and articles like these are crusial, instead of crappy random collections or another article about some "good friend" talking about some peanut butter and guns".