06-14-2011, 12:23 AM
I was watching today to the ttwii and elvis on tour outtakes ,and was thinking what a music history those tapes are ,and what unbelievable stupid and a cultural genocide it is that they dont brings those tapes out like 68 and hawaii.

i think priscilla ,Lisa marie have earned enough money because of Elvis ,so all
those bullshit stories of rights etc ,the can buy everthing or have enough power to get the train moving with outtakes or talk with Warner Bros
Elvis did al those shows and all his work for his fans ,and the are keeping the art work of this man away for us

I think all Elvis fans must come to each together by the internet and i mean in a way like people put the signature or something on a website like you get those emails from human rights or animal rights in your mail box and the get reactions at least

if you see what people can do with facebook to get things running...
i know fore sure if there are thousands and thousands fans who are putting there signature ,i mean all elvis website ,clubs etc all working together the must give a response at least ......we can talk for many years further here on forums how sad it is or we can at least try....maybe it is stupid ...but if we dont try...

hope some people wiil wake up and are ready for action

06-14-2011, 12:37 AM
The cost for "priceless items" is always way out of reach. These outtakes will be slowly let out-over time, to maximise the profits of them and then they will work on cleaning them up....and release them again with better color, or in more complete form such the complete concerts as filmed etc....Studios "almost never" sell single films and all their workparts to anyone-(they may sell their total film vaults-but not single films)
Warners knows that they can sit on the outtakes for a long long time-because the value goes up.
They have several times re-released Elvis films of less value than TTWII and EOT and always end up making money-they will not sell.
Just as Sony/RCA will not ever sell the recordings....business is business and they know they can make money, perhaps, forever on these things.

06-14-2011, 12:45 AM
so doing nothing is better....

06-14-2011, 06:47 PM
so doing nothing is better....
Well fan complaints got EOT released on DVD so its not like nothing has been done.
Warners and Turner have got numerous e-mails in the past about the outtakes of EOT and TTWII. At the Turner Classic Movie site they have had a request list for over 10 years that allows film buffs to request films that need to be released on DVD or released in some type of special box set, so fans can have a say in what gets released.
EOT was on that list for years-but believe it or not it was not usually in the top 100 on the list. Turners spent about a million dollars in 2001 to re-edit and revamp TTWII with new footage added-and Turner execs were not happy with the sales. (IMO poor planning and little promotion is what hurt the sales also by broadcasting the TTWII SE on Turner before they put it on sale many just taped it that night)
But finally they released EOT on DVD,.... as we all know without any extras or outtakes.
The reasoning is simple-they hold the cards, they decide how the game is played and they have decided to play it slowly maximizing their resources.....not fair to us fans who want to see these things but its their ballgame.