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Brian Quinn
10-06-2010, 06:35 PM
QED for labels as QVC offers TV exposure

10:27 | Monday October 4, 2010

Charlotte Church and Jason Donovan can look forward to chart boosts when they appear on QVC later this month after the shopping channel was added to the Official Charts Company’s chart panel.

Donovan will be performing live on QVC today (Monday), while Church will appear on October 18. They follow in the footsteps of artists including Billy Ocean and John Barrowman in going on the channel, which reaches 22.8m homes in the UK and Ireland.

QVC UK CEO Dermot Boyd says that the music industry has been quick to capitalise on what he believes is an important new sales channel. “It is a good way to get national exposure,” he says. “These days there are so few music programmes on TV, so it is a way of getting on TV. Also, compared with most music shows on TV, with QVC they get a long time, from 15 minutes to an hour.”

While QVC in the US has long featured musical stars, John Barrowman was the first artist to appear on QVC UK to sell his music when he went on the channel in February. Boyd explains that music is a new category for QVC UK and will have to hold its own, generating sales of around £1,000 a minute. If it does, though, he says music could become increasingly important for his company, with the possibility of looking beyond the CD.

“If customers like it then we will sell it,” he says. “Music does have to compete for space but if music is selling then we will look at doing more formats.”

But despite QVC’s hard-selling reputation, Boyd says that artists do not have to actively hawk their wares. “We are overtly selling but they don’t have to,” he says. “With QVC there is a graphic that tells people how much the album is and how to buy it from us. You don’t have to say, ‘Buy my CD.’”

QVC does, however, favour some degree of exclusivity with its offers, such as limited signed copies of albums.. “We buy a certain amount [of the album being promoted] and we like to have a certain degree of uniqueness, like an autographed copy or a special competition,” says Boyd.

Alongside Billy Ocean, who performed two songs on June 15 to promote his RCA album The Very Best (that sold 1,500 CDs in the first 10 minutes of his performance), other acts who have featured on QVC include Sheryl Crow, Beverley Knight, Blake and Camilla Kerslake. Elaine Paige and Women’s Institute group The Harmonies will also soon guest alongside “a couple of really big groups”.

“We have been talking to all the major record labels and they have all been interested,” says Boyd. “We have been very pleased with the response and I hope they have been pleased. A few years ago we wouldn’t have considered it. But with the changes in the music market they are looking for new outlets.”

Of course, QVC regularly has Elvis sales spots on their channel and this augurs well for his sales in the UK especially when promoting new singles and albums.

Brian :D

10-06-2010, 10:25 PM
An interesting article for sure Brian...thanks for posting it! (y)

But I am curious...do Elvis' QVC sales in the U.S. count toward the U.S. music charts?? :hmm: