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10-04-2010, 03:54 PM
Heres a couple i came across, it dont sound too great .......

Got the 1971 soundboard on Thursday. Compared to "The Power Of Zhazam" the sound is much better,but it's not as good as on "One Night Only". I have a feeling that they copied the audio from "One Night Only" but someone changed a couple of things to hide it and made the sound somewhat different with the help of his/her computer. Plus there are a few clicks on it that weren't present on the Madison bootleg. It doesn't sound bad but doesn't sound right either. As a whole it's not a bad release,the sound is acceptable,the cover is O.K. and there's even a minimal booklet but if you already have the Madison CD then there's no reason to buy the FTD (unless you're a collector and you want everything). The Madison CD is better both in sound quality and artwork/booklet. It's a rarity now but if you're lucky you may get a copy for the usual FTD price (or a little more).


Sadly FTD couldn't outshine the old Madison bootleg. The sound is not better at all (it's rather worse) and the packaging is weak compared to the bootleg. Lene (or whoever else) used a strange sound effect and you can hear the unnatural,almost metallic flat sound. There are 2 mastering errors,too. Nothing serious,just clicks. Still in an ideal world (and for this high price) these things shouldn't happen.

The "Fool" FTD is slightly better but the mix caused some disappointment here. For example take 4 of "Love me love the life I lead" that was first issued on "I sing all kinds" FTD is repeated here but this time James Burton's guitar is almost missing! For God's sake why does someone have to ruin everything? Burton's part on this track was a highlight for me. Who and why mixed it out??

Have mixed feelings about sound on "Reconsider Baby",too........ Elvis' voice has an echo feel to it and the stereo image is a little narrow. Better than it was on the old and terrible sounding MSG CD in 1991 but still not good enough. It's disappointing that there's nearly nothing new on CD 1. Also there are factual errors and misspellings in the booklet (as always). They stated that "Don't Think Twice" was recorded in march 1971 but as we all know it was recorded 2 months later in may!

Nobody is perfect but these regular errors are unacceptable for this kind of price. When i pay $35 for a CD i expect perfect sound and perfect booklet. Unfortunately it rarely happens with the FTD releases... All in all,the "FOOL" FTD is not bad but it's nearly not as good as "GOOD TIMES" or "NOW" FTD's.

10-04-2010, 09:34 PM
Sadly, I expect not that much anymore with FTD. I don't expect great sound, I don't expect great material and I don't expect great artwork. I just expect something between 'decent' and 'mediocre'. When was the last time we were really surprised by FTD?

I buy them to keep them coming and I love the re-releases with the 7" treatments, but the digipacks are rarely worth buying.

Come on FTD, stop copying the bootleggers and come up with original material

10-05-2010, 12:47 AM
I agree Albert, perhaps they will release their own OUR MEMORIES series to keep up, now actually that i wouldnt mind ..........

10-05-2010, 02:40 AM
Hmmm.... :hmm:

Based on the early reviews, this FTD doesn't sound very good in terms of sound quality or artwork. Too bad, especially since I thought the front cover art for this one looked promising. :sad: