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05-01-2004, 06:03 PM
Folks, it would appear that MGM/UA have woken up to the complaints voiced over the "Follow that Dream" being released in the "Pan & Scan" format and are now putting it out in the "Widescreen" /letterbox format. So complaints do work at times epecially if a large enough number of fans say it loud enough.

Since we cannot expect that EPE or BMG would take notice of this Forum as yet- should we all get onto the elvis.com and BMG sites in addition to the FECC board to ask that a "Let yourself Go" re-mix be put out with Elvis in Black leather and also the "Bordello Sequence" as the basis of a video to publicise the 50th Anniv- hoopla ?

This would be the best way to get Elvis noticed and also cross promote the DVDS and the SUN commemorative CD.


05-02-2004, 12:51 AM
Don't have that Follow That Dream DVD yet, but it's great to hear that it's in widescreen. Nowadays, ALL DVD's should be released in widescreen format :D

About the petition, I support this great idea. But I'm affraid that these NBC/Aloha DVD's are more EPE's work and have little of BMG's support. So I don't think that BMG will put much effort into promoting it. IF they are just a little bit aware of what lives in the Elvis community, they'll know that a "Let Yourself Go" single could become a hit.

I mean, they already have the clip (which should be provided -at no charge- by EPE). This way one hand will wash the other. And perhaps they should do a remix of it.

So how should this petition work?

05-02-2004, 09:38 AM
So how should this petition work?

Something like :

" With the upcoming 50th Aniv celebrations and the release of the 68 Special & Aloha DVDS, the best way to get Elvis really noticed by the General public, and emphasis how he is still an enormously relevant and popular is to put out a Single and accompanying Video:

If EPE/BMG keep a track on the "underground dance and re-mix " world you will know that " Let yourself Go" is very popular and co-incidently has very good video images of Elvis performing this song:

We request you to please not loose this opportunity and release this song as a single immediately which will help cross promote the upcoming anniversary and the associated products"

Signed xxxx
(Either a joint petition with all willing members or individually: we could have a poll on this and the FECC board and send the results to EPE/BMG)