View Full Version : the spring tour of 72

01-31-2010, 04:39 PM
it sure was a great bit of news that i got from mrs fran roberts who headed the club[ELVIS in canada] that she had tickets for 6 members to go see E.P. in concert in buffalo april/5/72, this would be my first , it was a great tight show with little banter ELVIS was there to perform and that he did , i often look back on this tour as one of my faves because he was really cranking out great onenighters , a great fan/friend john gadore[from ringwood jersey] went to almost each show and taped them as best he could, ELVIS was still very agile and looked happy about performing , and some of these suits are really great , and they look great on him, this performance was definetly filmed profesionally - the lighting of the stage was very bright , and the 2 producers did say that they filmed this with one 16mm camera [must have bin in the middle or back, as i did not see it [i wasn't looking for it at the time either], we now know that there were at least 3 fans filming with their own super 8mm cameras, and the karate footage that is on this is ELVIS is from this show, i sure hope that the up comming on tour dvd that is set for release will contain some more from this great performance.