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rex martin
04-08-2009, 12:21 PM
1974 JUNE TOUR, trying to see if I could follow an Elvis Tour........

JUNE 1974

Due to the Colonels Office only announcing Elvis' shows just 2 weeks before the actual show, with some dates still up in the air.
The Box office would open and sell out in 24 hours on the day of Col.'s ANNOUNCEMENT.

It was really hard to get tickets, in the States if you lived outside the Location. If you lived in England you had no chance.

In June 1974, I decided I would like to follow Elvis for 2 weeks, starting in CLEVELAND and finishing in OMAHA (3 SHOWS on 1st July)
(The first time I followed an Elvis Concert Tour ~ my 3rd trip to see Elvis)

The 1st week my payments got returned, due to all the venues being sold out, so I'm flying 3000+ miles not even no-ing if I would be able to get into the show.

I did have tickets for the 2nd Week.

Below I reproduce a Special Elvis Weekly Flyer I sent out in Early June 1974 to my USA and Canada readers of the WORLDWIDE ELVIS NEWS SERVICE WEEKLY, I've added some extra comments, ~ as you can see the tour info wasn't complete, with info about a rumoured NY appearances that didn't happen, and got changed to other City's.

Because things were so unclear, I couldn't book all the Internal air flights to keep up with Elvis until I arrived in Cleveland the day before the show. SEE THE USA THE ELVIS WAY....flights..

James Burton once joked even he had to read the Fan Club News sheets to find out where he was working...

Everything worked out OK in the end, and I had a great time Watching Elvis, Taping and filming.... SincerELy REX

ATTACHMENTS, the USA news service flyer from 1974
and a selection of Covers in 1974 of my: 1970s

Jumpsuit Junkie
04-08-2009, 05:50 PM
Thank you for posting this interesting thread, very nice to see you on here (y)

Miss Clawdy
04-08-2009, 08:17 PM
Thank you Rex for sharing your memories with us. I'm looking forward to more stories about your life with Elvis :D. I can only guess how incredibly great those times must have been for you (y)!

rex martin
04-09-2009, 12:19 PM
I always tried to film in Vegas if I was in the Balcony, but never downstairs, it just felt to open to get away with it in the main Showroom.

Because of Super 8mm filming I didn't take negative photos of Elvis, in Vegas I just filmed, do you know that 120 cartridge films ~ fills a suitcase and you end up throwing away your day wear. (Super 8mm chunky little cartridges last around 3 min. 20 seconds)

Only on the 23rd Feb 73 8pm show did I take some micro Slides, with a miniture spy camera, just wandered up the Isle from 2rds back.(my worst ever seat). To the front tables on the final song CHFIL -right up to the Stage (Right of Centre) and took around 20 slides, Elvis in Cape, with bright Red/Pink Lining.

On tours I never took any photos, Shaver, Bob H, Alverston, and Len and Rosemarie, took Tens of Thousands, so couldn't see the point of taking them myself, plus they had great seats. So I just filled up suitcases full of Elvis Movies.....

Great fun.

I did take 8 available light slides of Elvis at my 8 minute meeting on 4th Sept 72. Came out very dark, the one of Ian Baylie~Elvis is fairly good, the one he took of Elvis & myself isn't - its much darker, I recently photo enhanced the Slides and Printed off A4 size photos from them, much better than they looked before...

My story of the Elvis meeting is pretty well covered in good detail in my interviews with Nigel at ELVIS INFO NET (EIN)

My Interview(Parts 3+4) LINKS (Click) to ELVIS INFORMATION NETWORK.
the 3rd part covers my Memories of Meeting Elvis........................

However the September Quest for Fans Flyer I sent out in the post, has had some response, and I have extra thoughts from some of the other fans present, and about how they came to be backstage via the Colonel ~ while I went backstage on my own with Tom Diskin. The Swedish Girl Gitt Nyman seems to have been lost contact with, a good penfriend of hers hasn't heard from her in years, neither has Sue Weigart (although Sue sent me a neat report from Gitt about her part of the meeting, and the Silver Cannon Gift, the Green Scarfs Elvis gave us (only 6 for 11 fans) and also the last minutes with Elvis. (she was the last to leave the room, I was just ahead of her) So have around 4 extra stories to weave into my story. I'm still trying to contact 4 of the other fans to get their thoughts also. Then with my part interviews I will have an even fuller Feature about the meeting. (so far I have 34 different A3 size photos from the origonal 10x8 Blk & Wht. in perfect Colour and Sharpness ,

4 other BW 10x8s, 8 slides, and the 4 colour pics that Gitt took (one in 8"x8" size), also the slightly muffled recording DJ Tony Prince did, Plus the film of Elvis walking on Stage at the very start of the 8pm dinner show on the 4th Sept, First 2 songs complete (which is just after we had met him), then around 20 minutes more thru the show, and a similar amount from the Midnight final Season show.

One of the large A3 size (a group shot) I put in a mirror Frame, that really looks stunning. Another 8x6" in size of Just Elvis and myself (the rest of the group is isolated out) with a special sacred Glowing background, I put in an ELVIS DESIGN CLOCK FACE WITH PICTURE OPENING , IN GOLD FRAME. So far I made for my own enjoyment 3 different slide shows, changing the pictures in 100s of different ways. One shows the BW 10x8 slowly changing to a Full colour picture, a few fans that have seen it have said it really is hard to think the colour version really wasn't taken as a colour version and not Black and White.

Due to all the Versions, fantasy versions of this picture by last Summer the idea to send out my Elvis Quest Flyer came about.
Without it, Nigel at EIN wouldn't have done the Interviews, I wouldn't have bothered about an email address, I wouldn't have got interested in the 5 articles I wrote for EIN, I wouldn't have started putting trailers for the Interview at EIN & on other sites including Elvis TCB World ~ and I wouldn't be chatting to you all now.

Up loading a few pictures from the above new comments.
The Darkish picture is of ELVIS with Ian Bayle from the UK F.Club 4.sept72
The square colour picture shows DJ Tony Prince(left) with Microphone in his red Bag.
The 3 view picture is Elvis and Myself, with all the other fans removed.
Jerry Hopkins 1st book, with special message to myself inside.
The Jacket with red leather bits, is the one Elvis wore at my Meeting.

04-09-2009, 02:25 PM
Thank you very much for the article and photos (y)

04-09-2009, 05:00 PM
Thank you very much for the article and photos (y)

Where have you been all of my life Rex?;):lol::lol:

rex martin
04-09-2009, 06:21 PM
Where have you been all of my life Rex?;):lol::lol:


Well I'm not sure how long your life has been ???

Is that longer than my life, or shorter, or about the same !!

or maybe we are talking about ELVIS' LIFE
which would then indeed be the SAME

Lets pick the last one..

I was brought up in London, but born in Wiltshire (Salisbury)
Lived in CHELTENHAM Gloucestershire for a bit,
spent 3 years and 3 months in Singapore from the age of 11
Then lived in Ireland, near Belfast for 2 1/2 years, going to college.

Then back to Cheltenham, when in 1972 got my first trip to Vegas
(the same time my parents split up. They couldn't understand why
I would still take my holidays then. As If I would cancel that....)

Since Elvis passed away, I've lost count of the trips to the USA
- probably close to 30 - spent 9 years in a row in the 90s, getting the
micky mouse things out of me, and became a snowbird on the Gulf of
Mexico, at INDIAN ROCK BEACH near Tampa and Clearwater, in the Winter
for up to 10 weeks at a time.

Gave that up, and stopped going 10 years ago, when I got myself
2 great Staffordshire "Girl" Doggies, which changed my life - to loads
of Walks in the Countryside of LANCASHIRE.