View Full Version : Can someone make one (or more) banners for TCB-World?

10-16-2004, 07:28 PM
as you might have noticed there are now (non-commercial) banners on top of this page. The reason was to give the page a more Elvis-feeling and to add more focus to various topics or forums.

Right now we have a 'Double Trouble' and 'Closing Night' banner that I made myself. I will make a banner for every new FTD that will be released in the future.

But now I have a request for the designers or Elvis fans: can you make a banner for me? The size is 410x68 (maximum filesize is about 20-25kb, jpg or gif).

I still need:
- FTD banner (for our FTD forum)
- import CD's banner (for our import forum)
- Elvis Pictures Galleries (for our galleries forums)
- Jumpsuit banner (for our jumpsuit forum)
- all older FTD releases (that will point to the right FTD topic).

Please don't use the colours of this board, because I prefer them to stand out a little bit (y)

:secret: You can attach your ideas (ideas are also very welcome) or complete designs to your post.