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09-11-2008, 02:26 AM
Hi everyone how are all of you?

I asked this question over on the Fecc forum and so I thought I would ask it here to get all of your opinions and points of view on it.

Many fans say Elvis should have left RCA at some point (like in the mid to late 60's) and went to another label like Atlantic,Columbia or Capitol records but I say if he did wouldn't that screw up the releases of box sets, greatest hit's and career anthology's? I mean in 2002 Sony BMG released Elvis 30 #1 hits with all of Elvis #1's from 56 to 77 if he jumped to say Atlantic records in say 1967 they could only release the recordings up to Crying in the chapel and could only compile box sets with recordings until the mid 60's. I think in a way it would be good if Elvis went to another label but then it would create the problems I have stated, When I asked this question over on the Fecc forum I got a response saying if Elvis went to another label at some point they would have him re-record his greatest hits so they could release them all on the new label. I didn't like this idea because whenever an artist goes to another label and re-records their old hits they don't sound as good as the originals and sound inferior.
This particular topic is interesting to me because say if Elvis went to Columbia or Capitol the type of material he recorded throughout his career (ballads, rock n' roll) probably would have stayed the same but if he went to Atlantic he probably would have recorded more R&B. A lot of fans think it would have been great if Elvis went with them so he would get to work with Jerry Wexler, Tom Dowd, Ahmed Ertegun etc.

So after I stated all this do you think Elvis should have went to another label in the mid 60's or should he have stayed with RCA?