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09-26-2004, 05:50 PM
Elvis: The Cover Up



01. August 16th, 1977
02. I really don't want to know (Jacksonville, May 30, 1977)
03. Cover-up
04. The truth comes out
05. Help me (Lincoln, June 20, 1977)
06. Geraldo Rivera asks why and who
07. Keeping an eye on the King
08. How great Thou art (Tampa, March 23, 1977)
09. Dr. Nick speaks out
10. Dr. Nick again
11. Bridge over troubled water
12. Proof of cover-up
13. Warning signs
14. Unchained melody (Lincoln, June 20, 1977)
15. Famous people speak about Elvis
16. More famous people speak about Elvis
17. Hurt (Johnson City, February 19, 1977)
18. Elvis' close friends speak

Label: Memory Records 2040-2
Released: 2004
Sound quality: good

Reviews: n/a

09-27-2004, 11:46 AM
I have listened to this CD and it was a pleasant suprice. Besides the macabre subject, it's nice to hear a 1977 special about Elvis. The artwork is -as usual when you're having a Memory CD- a real treat.

The soundquality is reasonable: the source is an old videotape. The added songs are very nice and also in a reasonable soundquality. It's not a CD you end up playing more than once or twice, but it might be a nice addition to your collection.