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02-22-2008, 05:39 PM
Elvis Presley memorabilia from his 18-month stint in the U.S. Army and his first appearance in a TV special will be shown publicly for the first time in two new exhibits opening this month at Graceland.

"Private Presley" will include his Army fatigues, dress uniforms, other items of clothing, his foot locker and a cedar clothes storage chest.

It also shows the suits he wore for his appearance on the special "Presley edition" of the Frank Sinatra TV show, along with other items.

These exhibits also will be part of the new and expanded VIP Tour that includes an exclusive showing of other items never shown publicly; "front of the line" privileges; special shuttle service; and an all-day pass to Graceland mansion, the Elvis Presley automobile museum, Lisa Marie Airplane Tour, and All-Access exhibit.

For more information, visit elvis.com

2008/02/22 www.newsday.com / www.epgold.com