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08-29-2004, 05:15 PM
Dinner Bell In Vegas, A



01. Opening riff
02. That's allright
03. I got a woman / Amen
04. Tiger man
05. Monologue
06. Love me tender (false start)
07. I've lost you
08. I just can't help believin'
09. You've lost that lovin' feelin'
10. Polk salad Annie
11. Band introductions
12. Johnny B Goode
13. Celebrity introductions
14. The wonder of you
15. Heartbreak hotel
16. Memphis Tennessee (one verse)
17. One night
18. Blue suede shoes
19. Hound dog
20. Bridge over troubled water
21. Suspicious minds
22. Can't help falling in love
23. Closing riff
- Announcements

24. I just can't help believin'
25. Johnny B Goode
26. The wonder of you
27. All shook up
28. Suspicious minds

Label: Memory Records MR 2038-2
Released: 2004
Sound quality: average (audience recording)

Date - tracks 01-23: August 20, 1970 (Dinner show)
Location: Las Vegas
Jumpsuit: (?)

Date - tracks 24-28: August 19, 1970 (Midnight show)
Location: Las Vegas
Jumpsuit: (?)

Reviews: n/a

U.S. Male
08-30-2004, 03:08 AM
For those of you who have never liked audience recordings, perhaps listening to this release will change your mind. I have collected audience recorded shows for years and have always wished that some of the better shows that were captured by fans on tape would ben cleaned up and remastered. Luckily, this show was, and with some superb cover art, so I am recommending it to anyone who truly loves audience recorded shows. (y)

10-26-2004, 04:41 PM
I've written a review on this one, which you can find on Elvisbay.com (CD-Reviews) :)

"What I can say about the new release ?A Dinner Bell In Vegas??
First the sound quality is stunning for an audience recording! The sound is crystal clear and well balanced. They really did a hell of a remastering-job in Prague!
As the producers mentioned in the informative liner-notes they worked directly with the original mastertape for the complete concert and got their hands on a first generation copy of the mastertape for the bonus tracks. Very well done!
Second ? the cover-art is really nice and completes the product in its own way!
Third ? the concert is presented in its entirety for the first time and includes the former unreleased performances of ?Love Me Tender?, ?You?ve Lost That Lovin? Feelin?? and ?Suspicious Minds?!

And what about the performer himself and the concert itself?
I think everybody has seen TTWII and so you?ll know what to expect from our man. Elvis is very up to it and focused. He obviously enjoyed his doings on stage and gave a really good concert. After the opening the show kicks off with a dynamic ?That?s All Right?. ?I Got A Woman? is the second song and gets a pretty note with Elvis singing a short excerpt from ?Ave Maria?. The show goes on with ?Tiger Man? which is in my opinion a highlight of the show and rocks the lounge. There are a few comments and short monologues that are funny and give a glimpse on the sense of humour that Elvis had. I don?t want to say something about every song Elvis brought at this dinner show, but some of the highlights next to ?Tiger Man? are the beautiful ?I Just Can?t Help Believin??, the former unreleased ?You?ve Lost That Lovin? Feelin?? and a very good version of ?Bridge Over Troubled Water?. He also sang a short rendition of ?Memphis Tennessee?, but Elvis finished the song after less then 20 seconds.
The concert itself ends with the usual ?Can?t Help Falling In Love? and after the closing vamp and the announcements the show is over - all in all after one hour of excitement.

Thereafter Memory Records presents us another five songs from the midnight show the day before from August 19th. The more or less complete concerts from that date were released some years ago on the above mentioned ?Double Dynamite?-set. That said I remember that the shows were presented in a wrong speed (only little btw). So the sound-engineers in Prague fixed that problem and re-tuned the recordings to the correct speed and remastered them also. The result sounds better to my ears than on ?Double Dynamite?. I wish they would re-release the whole concert in this way.

To sum it up ? Memory Records did a more than decent job on this one and it is highly recommended."

Greets, J?rn :D