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10-19-2007, 05:21 PM
Last night was telecast from serius radio in Graceland the first concert Elvis did in Tupelo,Ms.The first concert took place at the county fair on September 26,1957.It was really exiting to hear Elvis coming back with all that success to the city he and his parents left once due to financial problems.The DJ anounced how the big Lincoln Continental driving around the fair with Mr and Mrs Presley!What a way to come home!The DJ interview Gladys and Vernon and ask Gladys what was her faborite song and she said"Don't be cruel"Vernon "I got a woman"They said that Mrs Presley sat in the front row to watch Elvis and Vernon was goind around shaking hands and smiling from ear to ear.During the concert Elvis ask the people in the front to sit down because the people sitting in the back were not abled to see.It was then that a girl ran up stage and got to Elvis.He put his arm around her and finish the song.During this time the croud was hysterical.
They also talked about Elvis'two shirts in velvet---one red,one blue.Elvis said that the shirt was giving to him by Anita Woods---then that was a gift by Deborah Paget___at the end the DJ said that Elvis'drummer said that the two shirts were made by Gladys for that especial day--because during September is already cold in Mississippi.Any ways--it was great to hear the Presley clan happy and enjoing life!I was happy for them.I was happy for Elvis!

10-19-2007, 06:41 PM