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curtis simpkins
08-10-2004, 06:36 AM
Hey's guys.

hey guys to let you know i am doing something difff'rent on my Elvis cds.

I am buying box set's and box set's only, no more single cds.
and because why i am doing this beacuse i love box set's.

so i need to know if theres anymore sets out there that i missed.
here my list i have so far.

Elvis the king of rock n roll the 5 cd set
Elvis from nashville to memphis 5 cd set
Elvis walk in a mile in my shoes 5 cd set
Elvis live in vegas 4 cd box set
Elvis close up 4 cd set
Elvis today tomorrow and forever 4 cd set.

thats all the sets i have,...now i know of these sets...

that's the way it is sp ed
elvis aron Presley 4 cd set
a golden celebaration 4 cd set
platinum: a life in music
peace in the valley-3 cd set
amazing grace 2 cd set


now also i think you count 2 cd sets has box set has well right.

so anyway any good info would be great.

even if had to be boot cds.

08-10-2004, 09:54 AM

the elvis - that's the way it is - i think that is the 3 cd box set. ruddy brilliant - i prefer his live stuff and this is fab.

the live version of 'just pretend' on there is something else, it really is.

also the platnium - life in music set is kool too.

there is a grey cover four disc set out too - but i can't remember what it is called,

xjx :clap: