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My name is Gail. I was on the TCB radio thread and some people wanted me to post my memories of seeing Elvis. Hope you guys don't mind. Some may have already read them on the Insiders but in case you haven't - hope you enjoy.

The first one is the last time I saw Elvis in Vegas on 12/12/76.


The year was 1976 and I was 17, soon to be 18 on January 6. My mother had purchased tickets for us to go see Elvis in Las Vegas on December 11th and 12th. About a month before we were to go to Vegas, my boyfriend of 4 years announced that his dad was getting transferred to Alabama over the Christmas holidays. Well, it was time to decide what to do. At 18, I was so totally in love with this boy, but then on the other hand, I had been so totally in love with an older man since I was about 10. I had to decide ?would I stay and spend the last couple of weekends with my boyfriend or go to Vegas and see Elvis?. Well, after struggling through the hardest decision of my life (remember I was 18)?.I chose to go see Elvis. It didn?t take me long to realize I made the right decision.

We saw Elvis on the 11th but that?s not the show that sticks out in my head. It was the one on the 12th. As we entered the showroom that night, my mom tipped the maitre d? $150.00 for 2 good seats by the stage. We didn?t know it until later but since that was the last show of the engagement, they could name the price for seats by the stage. We were seated to the far left of the stage?yes, we were at the stage but we had been there before and we knew he never went that far to either side of the stage (except on That?s The Way It Is). We were seated at the table with another mother and daughter. It didn?t take the mothers too long to figure out that something had to be done to shut us up. We were pouting and we weren?t going to shut up until we had better seats. They both finally agree to pitch in and give another tip if we could find someone to move us. So, the search was on. We went to several different waiters and were told there was nothing they could do. But, that didn?t stop us. We finally found a waiter that said ?yes, he could move us closer to the center of the stage?. So, we gave him the tip UP FRONT?trusting souls we were, right? He told us he would come get us right after the show started.

So, we went back to our table and began our wait which seemed like an eternity. The lights came down and the show started? and we waited, and waited, and waited. By this time, we were looking for this guy! We were about to think that we had been taken and deep down inside knew we were gonna be in big trouble. FINALLY, right when the Sweet Inspirations came out, here came our waiter and said to come with him. Thank goodness there was somebody watching out for these 2 na?ve high school students.

He moved us to almost center stage, we were several chairs away from the stage but ALMOST center stage. We were much happier and since we were happier, the mothers were happier (we finally shut up).

. Since we had met earlier that evening we had done nothing but talk about getting to Elvis. She was gonna get a kiss and I was gonna get a scarf. Not that I didn?t want a kiss, but I had kissed him before and I really liked having the scarves because I liked having the scarves that would last and you could show other people

Wasn?t long and he came out on the stage!! Oh my goodness?I had just seen him Houston in August of 1976 and the difference was unbelievable!!! His weight was down, (not to what he used to be but so much different from August that it was unbelievable). His spirits were up, he appeared to be happy.

The entire show was incredible. He did songs that I had never seen him do before like White Christmas, Such a Night, Love Letters (meant a lot to me that night), Sweet Caroline. It was great. He was on more than an hour. The entire show me and my new girlfriend would scream out his name when it was quite for a minute and he would look in our direction and tease back with ?yes???, I love you too honey, etc. We had a blast.

Then that dreaded song started and we knew our chances were about over. As I stood up at our table there were many girls that had squeezed in between our table and the next trying to get down to the stage. I remember looking at the table next to us and there was an empty chair. I honestly can tell you I do not remember climbing onto that chair and running down the middle of the table. But, I did. To this day, my mother will tell you she does not have any idea how I didn?t not knock over champagne glases, bottles of wine, etc. As I got to the end of the table I do remember putting one foot on the stage and leaning out reaching with one hand because I didn?t want him to think I was coming on stage to attack. Finally, I made my way back down the table and got back on the floor and joined my mother. Just as I got there I heard my mother say ?oh my god? and I looked and there went Tatiana, right down the middle of the stage RUNNING behind him. Just as she got to him and tapped him on the shoulder, 2 guys grabbed her and he turned around. He motioned Just as my hand got was stretched out towards him, he got there and put that scarf directly in my hand! I do think that he must have seen me coming and said ?if she makes it without breaking her fool neck, she deserves it?. It was at if he waited for me to get there. I turned around and looked and realized where I was at and then began to shake because I did not know how to get down. for them to let her go and then he kissed her!!! She came back to the table and we couldn?t shut up! Our missions were accomplished and we were leaving with memories that would last a lifetime!!!

It?s amazing how smart you really can be at 18?because just think I almost gave up a trip to Vegas for time with the boyfriend. Looking back on that now, I am so glad I followed the true love of my life and not the one who would fade out of my life!!!

And, as far my new found girlfriend, Tatiana, we still talk occasionally and enjoy sharing the memories of the night we met. In fact, we?re talking now and making plans to meet in Memphis in August, 2005. Should be a great reunion as I haven?t seen her since 1996 when I went to San Francisco.

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I was at my aunt's house the day he died. When I found out I left my aunt's house and went to my mom's house. We left that night around 9:00 p.m. and my grandfather was not happy!! He just couldn't understand why we were going. I was 18 and had a 1976 Camaro and believe me, nothing was going to stop me. I got stopped immediately after getting out of Houston because I was missing a headlight. Had Elvis bumper stickers all over my bumper and the highway patrol asked me where we were going. It just popped out my mouth, not even thinking...and I said a funeral. He said oh really, who died? At that point I realized what I had said so I had to say my uncle. Needless to say, I'm sure he didn't believe me but he told me to stop at the next town and get my light fixed and he would let me go. Mom started driving in the wee hours of the morning. We were just around West Memphis when Mom woke me up and said they had just announced that they were going to let the fans in to view the body. I told her "let me drive". We got to Graceland and there was a crowd forming but it wasn't too bad yet. We parked the car and got in line. As the day went on, it got hotter and the crowd got bigger. At sometime during that day, a reporter from the Memphis newspaper came through the crowd and interviewed me because I was holding a red rose to take up the driveway. There was an article in the newspaper the next day with my picture holding the rose. It was getting pretty late in the afternoon and you couldn't move. I felt as if I was passing out and the crowd picked me up and passed me to 2 paramedics. My mom couldn't get through so we got separated at that point. They took me in to the grounds and I laid on the ground under a tree and drank some water. After I started feeling better I waited for my mom to get in but never saw her. I finally got up and got in the line to go in the house. I went in the front door and was nothing more but in a complete daze. There were people on the stairs and on both ends of the casket but I couldn't tell you who they were when I walked out the door...my mind was just empty. As I was walking back down the driveway my mom yelled out to me and she was headed up the driveway...so I made a u-turn and got back with her and went back up. We saw Lisa up by the house going towards the back of the house with a man. Again, as I left the house I couldn't tell you who was there as I just couldn't take my eyes off the casket. My mom told me Linda Thompson was sitting on the staircase. As we went back down the driveway we both really couldn't believe how much of a younger Elvis he appeared to look. Since the Shriners were in town for a convention and all the Elvis people pouring in, there was no place to get a room. Across the street from Graceland was a shopping center (not the Elvis shops that are there now). We had no choice but to just stay in the car. I got on the hood of the car to sleep because it was so hot and there were probably 300 other Elvis fans in the parking lot so I wasn't scared. Sometime during the early hours I was woke up by people running and screaming and in a daze I walked to the edge of the street and asked some people standing there what had happened. They told me 2 girls just got ran over. Since I had very few hours sleep I just wasn't awake. I walked back to my car and went back to sleep...I really think it was more of just an emotional shock of everything that caused me to go back to my car and sleep. I can't even tell you how much my body was just going through the motions...I don't even remember eatting the whole time we were there...I know we did but I have no idea where or what. The next morning we took our place on the curb over by the building that used to be the church. The day started, the heat started and you can't even imagine how rough that day was. When the funeral procession started coming out the driveway, people started running out into the street but the cops were quick to get them back. As the cars passed all you could do was try and see the cars through the tears. I'm sure it was loud but I can honestly tell you I didn't hear a thing...it was a slow motion soundless movie. We stood there and watched until the last car was out of sight. I've never written anything about that day or that trip and the simple reason is there aren't any words that can tell you what it was like. The next day before we left we went to the cemetary and they were giving the hundreds of thousands of flowers away to the fans. My mom and I each got a flower and began the long drive home. I still have my flower in my bible. He will always be one of the most special people in my life. As sad as this may sound, he has been more a part of my life than many of my own family members and definitely has given me much more happiness. The memories I have of seeing him live in concert 25 times during 1970-1977 are memories that will forever make me smile!

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Gail that was a fantastic story of your seeing Elvis in person! Thanks so much for sharing it with us. (y)


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This was a story from a pen pal I had back in the 70's who got to see him at Madison Square Garden.


By Patricia Ann Cervone

WELL, I DID. The dream came true to life on stage at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum located on Long Island in New York. The dream lasted for four fabulous shows (June 22-June25). He strolls out to thunderous applause and the sky lights up as if the Fourth of July has come to New York early. He opens with See See Rider but no one can hear him as the applause doesn?t stop until about the middle of the song. That perfectly-formed head jerks to the now famous drum rolls by Ronnie Tutt. Next, ?I?ve Got a Woman? sung breathy and sexy-like, then afull circle turn to the unsexy, heavenly ?Amen? with J.D. really getting down low on this one. On and on as the climax builds and the woman seated next to me seems to sum things up when she screams ?WOW!! This guy is dynamite?! Then BOOM! The King explodes into a newly-revised Rock n Roll medley which will stand as a Rock classic and can only be sung by this pioneer of Rock. Onward with Long Tall Sally/Your Mama Don?t Dance/Whole Lot of Shaking Going On/ Flip, Flop and Fly (this one goes way back to early Rock/Blues) and the beat goes on and on. Thriving. Pulsating. Stomping. Oh, to be alive and well at this very moment! And in the third row! Knock ?em dead with Blue Suede Shoes and the King dances to its beat. Swiveling. Swaying. He yells, ?hit it, hit it? as the band romps on. The entire band watches him intently, anticipating his every move. They know when to help him out and when to leave him alone. Hush! He speaks! ?Ladies and Gentlement, I?d like to sing a little bit of ?Love Me Tender?. Wild applause. He sings the opening line and the song abruptly ends. He strolls over to stage center and says, ?Well, I said only a little bit?! Then he finishes the song after throwing out two scarves. The Coliseum is going wild!!

All the standard Vegas songs are included and then some. He alternates his songs for each well-paced show. He sings ?Suspicious Minds? and the audience is thinking; We hope that suit DOES tear off, baby! Even the MEN in the audience are clapping and yelling! Here he is, Elvis Presley, King of the Whole, Wide World. The super sexy ?Fever? is included and although it doesn?t compare to the ?fever? in Las Vegas it is plenty hot enough for Long Island. The medical society here could have made a fortune because EVERYONE?S temperature is rising! WATCH THAT LEG! He stands crouched down in the middle of the stage as if on a horse and he slaps his thighs yelling, ?Yeah, baby, go, baby?! Then he flashes that sneaky half-smile with the little boy eyes and seems to say: ?I didn?t mean to get you all that excited, but I?m glad I did?. He does ?Trilogy? a little faster and does in place marching as the song calls for it. He seems to enjoy ?Trilogy? more now because it seems to be dragging less. Softly on to ?I?ll Remember You? and everyone in the audience is feeling that way about our King. He signs his heart and soul out in ?What Now My Love? and I wondered how any sane woman would voluntarily leave his side for one minute. He included ?Bridge Over Troubled Water? in two shows and I would have preferred him to omit it. It belongs to ?That?s The Way It Its?. Let?s leave it there.

His Saturday night show was as close to a Vegas show I have ever seen him do outside of Vegas. I thought in a minute The King would introduce celebrities in the audience as he sometimes does in the Hilton showroom. On Sunday, as appropriately as ever, he lovingly sang ?How Great Thou Art?, complete with a repeat ending and TWO standing ovations. Makes you want to run out and make a novena! Elvis graciously thanked the New York fans for waiting in line for days in the pouring rain to get tickets to the shows. ELVIS, YOU ARE VERY WELCOME! Come back this winter and we will wait in a blizzard to get tickets, if necessary!

During the Saturday afternoon show, he spots a huge sized bra that was thrown up at him. He knows it is there but he waits until everyone in the audience has seen it. Everyone is screaming so he picks it up and holds it across his chest and says ?well, baby, it?s not my size?! Then he walks over to one of the Inspirations and tells her, ?well, honey, guess it?s not your size either?! Everyone on stage is breaking up with laughter and the audience is having a great time. Suddenly a pair of men?s underwear is thrown on stage. He picks them up slowly. He is laughing hysterically. He giggles, ?We?ve got a lot of naked people out there, man!, and holding up the underwear he snaps, ?And there is a weirdo out there too?! The audience is laughing and clapping and Elvis seems to think to himself, ?man, these New Yorkers? are weird! It seems to be all fun and games. Good, clean fun and games. Elvis is sexy, no doubt, but he is good, clean sexy with a definite attitude of ?Don?t Touch Me? as evident by the tremendous amount of security around him and the stage. How involved can you get sexually if you can?t touch? It?s all in your mind, Baby! And as Elvis proudly boasts in ?Steamroller Blues?, ?I?m a napalm bomb, GUARANTEED TO BLOW YOUR MIND?.

He really goofs on ?Heartbreak Hotel? and he almost blows his cover when he playfully states ?You?ll never be lonely a the Holiday Inn (a nearby motel), then realizing his goof, he repeats, ?You?ll never be lonely at the Hilton Inn (another nearby motel). That?s it Elvis, always keep ?em guessing! A pleasant surprise Saturday was the inclusion of ?Don?t Be Cruel? which was sung a bit too fast but who cares. Elvis starts ?I Can?t Stop Loving You? with a sincere statement of ?Do you know what I can?t do for you?? And, he always seems to include this song in every show so I think the King regards it as a personal tribute to his fans. After ?Big Hunk of Love?, I always get weepy because I know that with the next song ?Can?t Help Falling In Love? the King will vanish in an exit of split-second timing and wild, loving applause. At this point, the words and music are just the pretty wrappings on a package called Elvis. The audience yearns to tear open that package and just when we think we might, the announcer bellows, ?Elvis has left the building? and the package remains closed once more.

Only a very few people really know what Elvis is like underneath all those trimmings and I myself would like to know, someday. But I love looking at pretty packages. And no matter what RCA tries to sell you, there is no way that any record can capture the magnestism and excitement of a live Elvis Presley performance. And regardless of what trimmings he chooses to decorate himself with, Elvis is surely ?gift? to us all to be loved and cherished.

A Special Note of Thanks: A million thanks to the most fantastic officials, staff and security officers at the Nassau Coliseum. What a difference from the gorillas who were hired to maintain order at Madison Square Garden last year. Elvis fans will always be indebted to you for your gentleness and sympathetic ways. Thank you for being so understanding. A very special thank you to Ken Weprin for his sincere efforts in attempting to come to terms with my fanatical devotion to the King. I?ll convert you yet, Ken! Thank you to all the wonderful Elvis fans I met at the Coliseum and I hope to meet many more when I arrive in Elvis Country this summer. See you in Vegas. Elvis Blessings to All!!

Patricia Ann Cervone

This is an article I found stored away from one of my pen pals from way back when. It is typed ?word for word? and I hope you enjoy reading a review of a concert from a fan from way back when.

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Hi Gail :D
Thanks for posting this lovely story:wub: :wub: :wub:
I enjoyed reading it:clap: You were sooooooooooo lucky to meet our MAN and see him perform and even GET A SCARF:clap::clap: :clap: :king:

Thank you for sharing your wonderful Elvis memory:notworthy


P.S: We don't mind at all...Post more stories if you have, I enjoyed reading it and I'm sure others did too:clap: (y)

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oh, so there are MORE stories:clap: :king:
Thank you!!!!:notworthy :notworthy :notworthy
WOW, I'll have to read them carefully :lmfao:

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This was from a fan club I used to belong to back in the 70's. Thought some might enjoy reading the Elvis News we used to read:

As many of you have heard, following Elvis? stint in Tahoe, he went into the hospital for a few days. But he?s really ?coming on strong? again as evidenced by his recent tour. He has never looked or sounded better.

A new album has been released. The title is ?Elvis,? not to be confused with the 1956 release of the same title. The songs included are ?FOOL, WHERE DO I GO FROM HERE, IT?S IMPOSSIBLE, IT?S STILL HERE, I WILL BE TRUE, THAT?S WHAT YOU GET FOR LOVIN? ME, I?LL TAKE YOU HOME AGAIN KATHLEEN, DON?T THINK TWICE IT?S ALRIGHT, LOVE ME, LOVE THE LIFE I LEAD, and PADRE. The album wasn?t received in time to review it, so the next issue will contain the full review.

We would like to welcome all the new subscribers to S.E. and remind you that if you have a friend who is an Elvis fan, but does not presently receive S.E., let us have his name and address and we will send him a sample copy. Thank you so very much to those who have been sending in articles and photos for us to use. Photos and articles are always returned on request and you?ll receive several extra copies of the issue your material appears in. We appreciate the mail that comes in each day. Let us hear from you on what features you like best in S.E. This is our way of putting out the kind of magazine that YOU want.

Strictly for Elvis,

Rocky Barra

THE KING OF ?EM ALL Y?ALL by Dave Bouska

Elvis recently finished another spectacular tour of the west coast of the U.S.A., and as usual, it was a complete sell out! What can I say that has not been said about an Elvis tour? Fantastic? Great? Stupendous? Outasite? None of these words really get the message across. Oh, but this tour has a special meaning to me because I was in attendance at two of the concerts. The only word for the two shows I saw is BEAUTIFUL!

But, before I go into the description of the shows I attended, let?s take a look at the tour statistics and some of the happenings. The tour began in Phoenix, Arizona on April 22, 1973 and ended in Denver, Colorado on April 30.

Phoenix was a complete 15,000 seat sell-out with a total dollar gross of about $120,000. Elvis tore the place up and received three standing ovations during the show. Police lined the front of the stage, and security as usual was tight. Women brought flowers and other gifts, just in case Elvis walked their way. Elvis gave one great performance here and turned on the wiggle of old for the show.

Presley and crew winged their way to Anaheim, California for two sold-out concerts at the Anaheim Convention Center on April 23 and 24. The convention center is directly across from Disneyland, near the city of Los Angeles. I don?t have exact figures on these shows, but the scene was a wild one with Elvis movin? that leg again.

At one point in the show, about 100 fans pushed their way up the aisle trying to get through the police lines, but they were repulsed and Elvis just kept on singing. Although this was unsuccessful, one male ran a 100-yard dash, dodging security men and placed a scarf on the stage. However, Elvis failed to touch the scarf all evening and the run was all in vain. Scarves were thrown by Elvis to the fans and they fought like wild animals for them.

On April 25, the king of rock rolled into Fresno, California for two sold-out performances at Selland Arena. There was a 7,500 capacity crowd at both shows and the gross was near $120,000. A teenage girl was seen just staring at the stage after Elvis had left saying, ?I don?t know what it is he has, I just know it?s there?.

San Diego, California was the next city to view the Presley phenomenon. A packed house of 15,000 was on hand as Elvis filled their ears and eyes with a certain magic only this man can.

?Holy Smoke, land sakes alive, I never thought this could happen to me!? The next stop on the tour was my home town, Portland, Oregon. I?ll be giving a review of this concert later in this article, but here are a few facts. There were 13,000 in attendance and a $100,000 gross came from the capacity audience.

As we move along, we find Elvis in Spokane, Washington playing to two capacity shows of 13,000 total payees and raking in a cool $100,000. After his first song, Elvis said ?maybe I?ll just stand here all night? and the audience applauded wildly?but Elvis decided to move a little and the place almost came unglued. Perhaps before Elvis does a show wrestles with the question, ?to move or not to move?. Sorry about that.

What?s this? Elvis and friends were next on display in Seattle, Washington on April 29. Since Seattle is only 200 miles from my home, I also obtained tickets for this show. Elvis played to two sell-out audiences at the Seattle Center Arena on the grounds of the 1962 World?s Fair where, if you recall, he made the movie ?It Happened At The World?s Fair.? There were about 8,000 attending each show for a one-day turn out of 16,000. The gross was a sensational $130,000. for the day.

Last, but not least, on the tour was Denver, Colorado on April 30. Now, get ready for this?.all 13,000 tickets were sold in less than four hours for the show. There were many people trying to buy tickets at the door, but nobody would sell them. People offered money to let them sit on your lap, or between you?a three people on two chairs type of thing. A great ending for this spectacular tour. As everyone involved with the tour went their ?Separate Ways? they left ?Memories? for those of us fortunate enough to attend the shows.

As I said earlier, my wife Denise and I were in attendance at the Portland and Seattle shows. I?ll first review Portland, and add differences in the Seattle show.

Upon hearing the news that Elvis would be visiting our grand city of Portland once again, I started going in all directions?but finally settled down and ordered tickets. All seats were sold out weeks in advance.

First to greet us and the other 13,000 fans who attended was a gentleman in a blue suit who gave us some details of the current tour and explained the rules of the concert such as no running down the aisles and only taking pictures from your seat. Binoculars were very much in evidence. The show was delayed fifteen minutes because of the large traffic jam outside the Coliseum. This would give all the fans a chance to get in and see the complete show. Also being sold were many different types of Elvis ?super souvenirs? as the announcer called them.

After Jackie Kahane and The Sweet Inspirations we were greeted with the news of a fifteen minute intermission. So we waited impatiently focusing cameras, discussing Elvis and identifying band members setting up for Elvis? portion of the show. It was the usual crew with the exception of Emirick Gordy, who had taken Jerry Scheff?s place on bass.

The lights began to dim and as the arena grew dark, the eerie sounds of the ?2001? theme began to build. It made one anticipate someone or something bigger than life about to appear. Suddenly out of nowhere a huge white spotlight hits the rear of the stage and the drums begin that familiar crashing beat as Elvis Presley appears from behind the curtain at the rear of the stage. He walked from one end of the stage to the other with the grace of a panther, picked up his guitar, and stepped up to the microphone and began to mesmerize our minds and ears with a magnificent version of ?See See Rider?.

As the song ended with a sensational drum roll from Ronnie Tutt, Elvis broke into ?I Gotta Woman?, a blues-rock song. His voice never sounded better.

It was with this song that I began to notice what was happening. Elvis was beginning to wiggle and shake as he hadn?t in years on stage. He really seemed to be ?getting into? his music and each move brought screams, whistles, tears, and laughter from a group of 13,000 who were already ?All Shook Up? after only the second song. ?Love Me Tender? followed, then ?Heartbreak Hotel?. During this song, Elvis began laughing and could not stop. He laughed so hard he nearly rolled on the floor. But the audience loved it and laughed right along with Elvis. ?Love Me? and ?Blue Suede Shoes? followed with Elvis turning on the power of old. Then came ?You Gave Me A Mountain? with Elvis in super strong voice. A superb ?Steamroller Blues? followed. This version was much better than the recorded version, if you can imagine that. A driving walking, pulsating blues with drums and bass so heavy it would have burdened even the shoulders of Atlas. Towards the end of the song, Elvis really tore into it?like an animal attacking its prey?.slashing and snarling and almost viciously taking the song apart piece by piece. A masterpiece of a performance.

?Fever? was next with Elvis shaking his legs to the drums and giving a mean, sexy vocal, then an upbeat version of ?I Can?t Stop Loving You,? which was very similar to the Madison Square Garden version. Of course he threw in ?Houng Dog?. ?What Now My Love? was done with a beautiful bolero beat with Elvis giving his all and screams were heard all over as beads of sweat began rolling down his face so heavily he continually had to wipe them away. It is songs like this that make one wonder if Elvis has any limit to the strength of his voice. Sheer power. Following this was the beautiful ?I?ll Remember You,? then ?I?m Leavin?.

Next came three showstoppers in a row (1) had to be ?Suspicious Minds? with Elvis shaking his body unmercifully all over the stage and red, blue, and yellow and green lights flashing. What a show he put on with this one. Showstopper number (2) was ?American Trilogy? with the arrangement that will leave you feeling like you?ve been to a patriotic revival. Showstopper number (3) was the medley of ?Long Tall Sally? and ?whole Lotta Shakin? Goin? On.? Elvis did a version of ?Little Sister and the Beatles ?Get Back? to end it up. ?Sister? sounded almost identical to the record and the updated ?Big Hunk O? Love? incorporated the style of the 1950?s. Also included were ?Teddy Bear? and ?You Don?t Have To Say You Love Me?.

As the show was coming to an end, Elvis remarked that he nor his music had any special message to mess up our heads with. He said, ?if we?ve entertained you tonight, then we?ve done our job?. This was received warmly by the crowd and the seemed to appreciate this statement from Elvis.

As Charlie Hodge pinned his cape to his shoulder, Elvis wound up with ?Can?t Help Falling In Love?. Elvis ran off the stage not to return. Everyone was left with the feeling of bewilderment at what they had seen and were stunned that such a talent existed. It was though a tornado had blown through town?you saw it, but couldn?t believe it. The fantastic Mr. Presley had completely blown our minds.

Denise and I attended the matinee performance in Seattle and found some differences from the Portland show. First, Elvis was dressed in a blue jumpsuit this time with sparkling jewels shining from the suit. He had huge diamond rings on both hands and was a bejeweled king as he strutted his stuff for the Seattle audiences. He included his ?How Great Thou Art? in this show which featured The Stamps in a brief solo spot. At one point, while singing ?Teddy Bear? a girl rushed to the stage and handed him a giant teddy bear and he carried it around the stage for the rest of the song. Also, ?Johnny B. Goode? was added to this show and had everyone rocking in their chairs as Elvis and the whole crew were really ?together? on this big rocker. Rocking chairs, get it? Think about it.

The arena was smaller than in Portland with about 7,500 attending each show, and as report3ed earlier, both were sold out weeks in advance.

Each time Elvis visits a city he tries to play in a different arena if possible because this adds to the excitement. It creates new memories for Elvis and his fans.

To sum this tour up, we once again see a huge success with Elvis emerging with the crown of a king and his star shining brighter than ever. I would like to continue writing but my poor pen is running out of ink so this is all for this time.

Here?s one more article from this newsletter entitled ?The Elusive King by Judy Hawthorne

Elvis Presley slipped quietly into town one summer night without being noticed by anyone. His plane touched down at the Tulsa airport about 11 p.m. Monday night, but none of his enthusiastic fans were there to greet him for it had been expected that Elvis would arrive in Tulsa on the day of the show.

So while thousands of fans were coping with sleepless nights, the Presley party was checking into the Fairmont Mayo Hotel, occupying three floors including the 18th, where Elvis? suite was located.

When Tuesday morning dawned, the town was in complete chaos. Elvis fans were everywhere; calling radio stations and inquiring as to when and where Elvis would arrive, and flocking to the airport to begin their vigil for their king. But it didn?t take long to discover Elvis was already in town and was now in seclusion in his hotel room.

One group of girls were lucky enough to find Elvis? hiding place the night before. They gleefully told reporters that Elvis had come to talk to them and sign autographs late Monday night, and had teasingly revealed to them his room number, 309.

But it was almost impossible to get even a glimpse of Elvis. Photographers and other members of the press were desperate for pictures and stories. One television news team even went so far as to take the hotel elevator up to the 18th floor just to see what would happen.

When the elevator doors parted, a policeman calmly got up from his chair, blocked the camera?s view his hand and closed the doors again. Needless to say, the cameramen got almost nothing for their efforts. They would just have to wait until the concert that night. But that didn?t work either. The press was given no priority over the fans?and the search went on.

After Elvis left the arena, everyone expected him to take the next plane out of town. He didn?t. It was back to the hotel and more closed doors for the press.

About 1 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon, three black limousines pulled up to the Mayo Hotel. Hundreds of fans, newsmen and curious onlookers gathered near the cars and held their breath. At exactly 3:55 p.m. Elvis emerged from the hotel, surrounded by policemen and bodyguards. Everyone went wild.

Elvis looked like royalty in his white suit, with dazzling rings on nearly every finger and a cigar in one hand. Easing his way through the crowd, he got into the car. From behind the window, Elvis smiled and waved to his people as the car pulled away. Soon the king of rock was out of sight again, but never, never out of mind.

Hope you enjoyed reading these.

06-24-2007, 01:32 AM
Wow! That is an incredible story, Gail! :) You are very lucky to have seen Elvis, up close and even get a scarf, so great!! :clap: (y)

What is the first thing you noticed about Elvis?

I'm sure you were in a daze and shock, I can't even imagine, how hard it must have been, the day he passed! :'(

Thanks, for sharing your lovely stories! Love to hear more of them! (y)

06-24-2007, 01:36 AM
I don't even remember what's the first thing I noticed about him. I don't even know how I found him - my mom wasn't a fan until she took me to see him in 1970. I just remember having a couple of albums that I listened to and loving his music. I guess it was just meant to be!!

06-24-2007, 04:43 AM
Thanks for sharing such wonderful memories with us Gail!!!! (y) (y) (y)


p.s. I wonder if ELVIS really ever understood how many of our lives he touched....FOREVER...with the small loving gestures..... and memories he gave us during those years of live performances.

06-24-2007, 04:18 PM
Thanks a lot Gail for sharing the wonderful stories.....wow...I just love reading personal stories about meeting Elvis. We all wish that we had stories like that in our memories, but those of us who are not that lucky, will have to do with stories like the ones you`ve just posted.
Thank you so very much:clap:


06-24-2007, 04:28 PM
thanks for sharing your stories i can't beleive you got to meet him and get a scarf you lucky girl i can only imagine what a great time you had thanks for sharing

06-24-2007, 09:14 PM
"He will always be one of the most special people in my life. As sad as this may sound, he has been more a part of my life than many of my own family members and definitely has given me much more happiness. The memories I have of seeing him live in concert 25 times during 1970-1977 are memories that will forever make me smile!"


Thank you (((Gail))) for taking time to describe the times of seeing ELVIS alive...and for describing the day of the funeral, too.
So many fans have passed on that were actually a part of those days....we only have the fans that are left to pass down those special memories to the newer fans.

06-25-2007, 12:01 PM
Love the stories...Lucky you ! :king:

08-01-2007, 03:48 AM
Thank you , Gail, for these really special memories you have shared. They are just simply beautiful.

08-01-2007, 04:07 AM
Wonderful stories Gail, thanks for sharing them with us.(y)