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06-23-2007, 12:27 AM
Here they are: whole theme is the notion of 'the book of life is brief...' from "And I Love You So", so its the book on a [fantasy] Elvis desk - perhaps 17th August 1977.
It's intended as a tribute but the song selections are ones which, to me anyway, help me with that thing called grief I, and perhaps others, experience when we think back 30 years ago, especially around these anniversaries of his last concerts.

Anyways, enough chit-chat, here's my little tribute compilation.


Larry Dickman
06-23-2007, 09:05 AM
Awesome work!

06-23-2007, 10:20 AM
Nice work Priestley on this set. (y)

I was just uploading the small preview when I noticed this vertical
"once the page in read" text error in the front design. Atleast I believe
it to be a error......:blush:

Eeeek! Thanks unchained! Where did that come from!? :supriced:
Corrected now :blush:

U.S. Male
06-24-2007, 04:46 AM
Very attractive design Conor. and a brilliant job on assembling all of the different "Elvis items"(y) (y)

06-24-2007, 04:13 PM
Great Artwork!!(y)

07-10-2007, 02:39 PM
Beautiful work Father .... i think uve found a new calling ... AWESOME !!!

07-10-2007, 03:04 PM
(y)Thank you so much for these beautiful, awesome covers(y)


07-10-2007, 03:44 PM
waw great work priestly you did a good job on this cover

07-10-2007, 05:40 PM
Great Job ! :king: