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Opening Theme "Love Me Tender" (Memphis, June 10, 1975)
Keep It Goin' (Memphis, June 10, 1975)
Going Back To Memphis Tomorrow (Memphis, June 10, 1975)
Announcements/ Warming Up (Memphis, June 10, 1975)
Also Sprach Zarathustra
See See Rider
I Got A Woman/ Amen
Love Me
Trying To Get To You
All Shook Up
Steamroller Blues
Teddy Bear/ Don't Be Cruel
Love Me Tender
Long Tall Sally/ Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On/ Mama Don't Dance/ Flip Flop & Fly/ Jailhouse Rock/ Hound Dog
Polk Salad Annie
Why Me Lord?
Suspicious Minds
I Can't Stop Loving You
Help Me
American Trilogy
Let Me Be There
Funny How Time Slips Away
Can't Help Falling In Love
Closing Vamp
Label: Luxor 4931-1
Released: 1997
Sound quality: very good (soundboard)

Date: March 18, 1974
Location: Richmond, Virginia
Jumpsuit: Memphis suit

Reviews: Middy
Pictures: 2

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07-25-2004, 11:16 AM
"It?s a pleasure to be back here in Hampton Roads"
Reviewed by Middy

http://www.tcb-world.com/images/various/guaranteed_01.jpg1974 has always been one of my favourite years for Elvis live concerts. The start and middle of the year, right up and including some of the September shows were outstanding. I know, the end of the year was nothing short of awful, but there is something about the earlier shows that really give me a buzz. Somehow Elvis seems to be heading back towards 1970 vocally.
The power and deepness are back in full flow. That?s not to say 1971, 1972 or 1973 were poor, they were far from it. Fantastic years for Live Elvis shows. I just prefer the sound in the 1974 shows.

One of the very best has to be LUXORS Guaranteed To Blow Your Mind. Recorded from the Soundboard on March 18th 1974. There is nothing like the sound of Also Sprach Zarathustra to get an Elvis fans hairs to stick on end. Of course non Elvis fans won?t have a clue why. Even when I was in the N.E.C last year?it was still there even though Elvis obviously wasn?t. It sent shivers down my spine. How many people sat there and dreamt that Elvis was about to walk out.

As the intro starts the fans give a roar. The main man has arrived on stage. A smile as usual (now I?m guessing?this is a cd) and he?s into it like a flash... OH SEE, SEE SEE RIDER?? Straight away you realise that Elvis is in good form. This is a good strong version and you just know you are in for a treat tonight. This has to be Elvis? most live recorded song but still I?ll never tire of it. It was probably the most anticipated, as he nearly always started with it. I SAID SEE?..OH SEE as Ronnie goes nuts?. ?Thank you very much??Well?.Well,Well,Well,Well?.? And the crowd go crazy.

Absolute brilliance from start to finish. Elvis really is in great form. The highs and lows are reached with considerable ease. The man is on fire?.. She?s allright??Amen?.Amen?A...Amen?. JD goes into action. ?That was ok, you know? ?Fair, I think you can do a little better JD? "AMEN?.Aaaaaaamen?.man he gets low! I got a woman?way cross town ?.she?s good to me? Absolute Perfection to my ears.

?Good evening ladies and gentlemen ?. It?s a pleasure to be back here in Hampton Roads?err Richmond??.?just kidding?.anyway?..TREAT ME LIKE A FOOL?

One of my favourite tracks from the 50?s. Performed very well. Not always done seriously but this version is good to the ears... ?You?re outta sight ?says Elvis to the already overly excited crowd. And who wouldn?t be!

?Trying to get to you?all? as Elvis puts it in this, an incredible version of the 50?s number. A truly great performance. Our man is on form tonight. ?When I read your lovin? letter ?gets the spine tingling again. So much energy, power. Easily stands up to other great versions of this song. I can say that without doubt this is amongst the best I have heard Elvis do this live.

Rather rushed (Maybe that get it out of the way feeling) but a decent enough version, something making Elvis laugh towards the end doesn't do this version any favours.

WOW?.Intro starts and Elvis snarls ?Arggggg? He is going for it. ?steamrollin? snake ?Elvis giving his all as the Guitar sounds ?Yeh alright !? as James kicks in. Elvis is ever ranting in the background. Again as the vocals come in there?s power and energy. An excellent performance, better than most I?ve heard.

As with all shook up, a rushed performance, Elvis laughing towards the end as he tells JD ?I didn?t make it ?referring to the low last note of Teddy Bear as Don?t Be Cruel begins.

Nice enough version with reasonably strong ending?. (Heard much better, but heard much worse) ?Thank You?.My First Movie Was?

Starts off well, then the audience goes crazy. I think they know what is coming. If he is doing the usual kiss routine it does not spoil this version as much as some. ?Wait a minute? Elvis says to one fan, ?flashlight got me? he continues.

Although the rawness of the 1970 live versions isn?t there. Elvis gives a good account of the song? ?I saw JD, with Bald headed sally? he continues with laughs from the band and backing singers. Leading into?

Elvis is rockin?, nice version that flows into Mama Don?t Dance and Flip Flop and Fly. This Medley, though certainly not the highlight of the show, is well done. Slightly better than the aloha version. The final part of the medley finishes with....

Both done pretty quickly, but quite enjoyably nevertheless. Certainly, Hound Dog has Elvis doing his usual cha?.cha?cha? ending. The crowd applaud. They appear to be having a wail of a time. I often wish one of them could have been me.

http://www.tcb-world.com/images/various/guaranteed_02.jpgAs fever begins the crowd go nuts. They know the Hip Swinging and Leg shaking are about to start. Elvis laughs and says ?I haven?t done anything?..Yet ? But he soon does as fever continues and once again the crowd go nuts. Elvis does fool around a lot on this version. The Usual Call My Name and Elvis shouting in a high pitched Voice ?ELVIS? has the fans screaming as Elvis Laughs. Elvis really is enjoying performing the song. He continues the song replaces words here and there. Even stating that Captain Smith is a monkey, along the way. Spoilt only really by the lack of ending as I think Elvis was enjoying fooling around a little too much. No shame there though I suppose. ?Thank You, Thank You very much?..That sure is a fun song to do ?Elvis laughs just as the intro to Polk Salad starts.

A terrific version. Not far away from the TTWII versions. Elvis seems to forget the words in places in the middle, either that or we just can?t hear him clearly. Either way, the second half of the song is outstanding. ?Sock a little Polk salad to me ? Elvis howls as he starts into his end routine. ?Let me just rest for a second? states a tired Elvis. We all know how much he put into performing Polk Salad. ? Is that a second ?? Elvis asks, then ?I?d like to ask JD and The Stamps to do one of my favourite songs?

Nice version of the song. The Verses are great as Elvis? Vocals come over clearly. Very Powerful..? My souls in your han..an?an..hand? No fooling with JD on this version. (Or putting JD off I should say, as Elvis does in many later shows) ?wow?thank you?I like that?

I don?t know if it?s just me, but this has to be one of, if not the, best Live versions of Suspicious Minds. Elvis? vocals are so clear you can here him perfectly. A small laugh at the end of ?would I still see suspicion in your eyes? shows Elvis is still in a great mood.
His vocals are excellent. ?Dry the Sweat?Tears from your eyes? ? I said NO?.NO?They go?YEAH?YEAH..? Fantastic. ?Thank You Very Much?

Elvis moves into the INTRODUCTIONS?starting with: ?Sweet inspirations?
?J.D?Not Bad for a guy with a bad cold, JD Sumner and the stamps Quartet?
?The Little Girl??Kathy Westmoreland?
?Lead Guitar?Mr James Burton?
?On rhythm John Wilkerson?is it Wilkerson or Wilkinson?..who cares ??
?On Drums Ronnie Tutt?.Ronnie Ellis Tutt !?
?Bass?Duke Bardwell?.what kind of name is that?.Bardwell?that?s nearly as bad as ELVIS?ELVIS?
?On Piano Glenn D Hardin?.HEY HEY HEY?.one of the craziest men of our crew?
?The guy that gives me my water, scarves and sings harmony?.and laughs a lot?Charlie Hodge?
Elvis continues introducing The Orchestra and finally Voice.
?I?d also like to thank John Marshall Hotel where everyone is staying for taking care of us and everything? To which there are roars of laughter. ? No , I would, Really? insists Elvis, now almost laughing too. ?Anyway you know what I can?t do? he continues?

After a slow start with Elvis shouting out ?What are you doing? and ?wait a minute? he eventually gets into the song. Delivers with strong power and emotion. Not as good as the 1972 versions, but good. ?The next song is a song we have just recorded?

Very nice live version of the song. Sung with both tenderness and power as the need arrives.
You can tell Elvis is in Good voice and spirit, He Gives a great performance. As the audience applaud Elvis says ?I?m glad you liked it, thank you?

WOW ! I love this version. Elvis goes for it from the off. His Vocals are excellent, rich deep and powerful. There are many good versions of Trilogy. This is amongst the best. You have to remind yourself that this is a soundboard. Imagine if it was done officially in the first place. I?m sure it would knock the socks off most other versions.

A definite favourite from the 74 shows. Good solid version with nice reprise. JD sound pretty good on the verses too. Sometimes his voice seems to fade out Elvis? on some soundboards. (JD?s sound higher than Elvis? vocals on some?if you see what I mean?.)

?Now that you have had a chance to see us, I?d like to turn the house lights up and take a look at you??well?well...Well hello there??

Not the greatest version. I can?t make out what Elvis says, but something to do with a ?Big old Ghost? makes him laugh. Spoils the song for me. Elvis tries to regain control but can?t. He does however give a good strong ending and the crowd go nuts again when Elvis sings

? When I?ll be back in town?whenever you want me !?
?You really are a fantastic audience? Elvis says,
? Until the next time in Richmond we bid you an affectionate adios ?

I just love this song if Elvis really goes for it. Luckily enough he does. Powerful all the way through, with a blinding finish.

?Ladies and Gentlemen, Elvis has Left The Building,
Thank You And Goodnight?

With this a fan in the crowd screams ?WOOOOOW?

It must have been so disappointing to hear the closing theme on an Elvis show. Especially on a show as good as this one.

I hope you enjoy the review. I enjoyed listening to it again.

? Middy, 2004

07-14-2005, 08:26 AM
Albert that link you put at the bottom of the page to Hampton Roads
aint workin, went there and nothin happened except "can not find page" thats what it said...you may have to do some tweeking

09-26-2005, 01:38 PM
:notworthy This is one of the best import releases so far. The sound is great and Elvis is really storming through his performance. He sings with power and passion and his rendition of Steamroller Blues can easily be called his best performance of that song! Although he doesn't look to well on the cover photo, he surely lives up to his title as The King Of Entertainment.

Joe Car
06-12-2006, 02:59 PM
Thanks for posting the review Albert. Never heard this show but given the comments from the review, it sounds awesome!

Unchained Melody
08-13-2006, 05:25 PM
Fantastic concert from a great tour...all songs are performed well.
IMO, best version of Steamroller Blues !:notworthy