View Full Version : Hollywood Elvis vol 1-4

Trelane P
03-15-2007, 11:03 PM
Anyone else here a fan of this series of DVDs (imports). They are collections of overdubbed versions of Elvis' movie performances which are re-editied. A DVD of newly editied music videos with upgraded sound, if you like.

I love them. Whoever knocks these up has my blessing. If you're reading this, how about a DVD of Elvis' 50's TV appearances re-editied with DSD studio audio overdubbed. For example, Baby Let's Play House visual with the studio version overdubbed. Would pay good bucks for that clip alone.

I've seen similar on other import DVD's. One of the best is Hound Dog TV appearance on Ed Sullivan (the bump & grind ending one) but with the studio version overdubbed. It makes for such a powerful clip.

Elvis fans are truely ingenious, talented & awesome!