View Full Version : The Importance of the, "Love Me Tender", Movie.

02-01-2007, 10:33 AM
The lines of teenagers waiting to see Elvis outside cinemas in 1957 stretched for blocks in the UK, and also in Ireland.

The underestimated movie "Love Me Tender" had a profound effect on many millions of Elvis fans back in the early days. It was our first glimpse of Elvis in action. Here in Europe we had missd the American TV shows like Ed Sullivan and Steve Allen etc.
We did not know what to expect as we just had a few magazine and newspaper reports to prepare us.
In the movie theatre we waited patiently for Elvis to appear, and when he did in the plowing scene, there was a roar of excited voices drowning out the sound from the movie! Then we settled down and waited to SEE Elvis sing.

Many of us returned night after night to see the movie. Although cash was in short supply back then we managed to raise the money. I delivered groceries on a bike often riding for 3 hours in the evening after school. The tips were quite good :-)
Five woodbines (cigarettes) a tube of smarties an Elvis movie, and hundreds of girls. What more could a fifteen year old want?