View Full Version : Should RCA and EPE re-record the 68 Comeback Special for the 40th Anniversary?

01-16-2007, 02:04 AM
Now that they have released deluxe and single discs of the 68 Comeback Special , should RCA and EPE do a special edition remake of the special with new overdubbed backing tracks? Now before you attempt suicide with this idea or attempt to chop off my head, let me make myself clear. Think back to the overdubs used on Blue Suede Shoes for This Is Elvis. That is what I mean by new overdubs. Give it an sound that matches what was performed at the original shows. Think Roots Revolution. This way it becomes in stereo for the first time as it should have been back in 1968. A new 1968 Special edition CD with new sound and mix could be the next big successful hit for EP on the charts. EPE could use the new overdubbed version for a special presentation on MTV in 2008 for the 40th Anniversary. They could do a CD something like this with the new overdubs.

1968 Revisted (40th Anniversary Edition)

1)Trouble - Guitar Man
2)A Little Less Conversation
3)Let Yourself Go
4)It Hurts Me
5)Heartbreak Hotel
6)Hound Dog
7)All Shook Up
8)Can't Help Falling In Love
9)Jailhouse Rock
10)Don't Be Cruel
11)Blue Suede Shoes
12)Love Me Tender
13)Baby What You Want me To Do
14)Gospel Medley
15)If I Can Dream

01-16-2007, 02:56 AM
I'd love to see Scotty, DJ and a couple of others do an intimate show similar to the ELVIS PRESLEY IN CONCERT. Have the special shown on a big screen, and maybe augmented by a small orchestra.

Could be a nice tribute to Scotty and DJ as well.

Forty years ... sheesh.

But as for the idea of a 'roots revolution' version. No thanks. The original shouldn't be messed with ...