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  1. 60s Such a Night
  2. 60s Memphis Tennessee (A New Visit)
  3. 70s What Now My Love
  4. 70s Solitaire
  5. various Elvis in the 21st century (Part 2)
  6. 70s An American Trilogy (picture compilation)
  7. 70s I'm Leavin' (Picture compilation)
  8. 70s Mr Songman (picture compilation)
  9. 50s Blue Moon
  10. 60s Blue Moon Of Kentucky (1968 Rehearsal)
  11. various Elvis In The 21st Century (part 1)
  12. 70s How The Web Was Woven (take 1)
  13. 70s Johnny B Goode, Elvis On Tour (picture compilation)
  14. 70s New Gladiators (not a picture compilation, second half is the best part)
  15. 60s Elvis In The Movies! (picture compilation)
  16. various Footloose (with Elvis!) not a picture compilation
  17. various For Ol' Times Sake (not a picture compilation)
  18. various I Like The Way You Move (not a picture compilation, but cool Elvis dance moves)
  19. various Elvis Birthday (76th Anniversary)
  20. various U.S. Male (Video compilation, not pics, very cool!)
  21. various I Miss You (a beautiful clip)
  22. various Johnny B Goode (25th Anniversary Show from Memphis)
  23. various Elvis Presley Blues (A cool clip, great pictures covering his entire life)
  24. 50s Scotty Moore guitar playing, cool clip with some great pictures!
  25. various Two for Tupelo (English subs roadtrip by 2 dutch guys, funny & interesting as well)
  26. various Two For Tupelo (Part 3)
  27. various Two For Tupelo part 1 (I also added part 1, this part is not about Elvis)
  28. 70s Take Good Care Of Her (take 4) (Poll winner, wk 49)
  29. 60s 1961 Pearl Harbor concert (2012 release)
  30. 70s Elvis at Fresno Airport, 1973