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Most suits Elvis wore on stage during the period 1969 – 1977 had original custom-made belts. It first started out with karate type belts. In 1970 came the first macramé and beaded belts and finally in 1971 the first custom leather belts. However, there is a 1969 picture with a private leather belt during a show.

When Elvis was, well into his first Las Vegas performances he must have got tired of the karate type of belts and started to try out different other types. One of his favourites came from his personal wardrobe; the “Metal Concho Belt”. You probably recognize this belt from the rehearsal scenes from "That’s The Way It Is”. This belt was not custom made for Elvis but could be bought at the local stores. This type of belt was quite popular in those days

  1969 1969 1969  
  The “Metal Concho Belt”
worn in private and on stage 1969
  Aug 1969 Aug 1969 Feb 1969  
  The “Metal Concho Belt”
worn Las Vegas Backstage 1969

The “Metal Concho Belt”
worn during rehearsals for
"That's The Way It Is" 1970

Elvis wore this belt on both the
Black Cossack Two-piece” and the
White Cossack Two-piece” in 1969.



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