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11-30-2006, 05:44 AM
"28Nov2006 Elvis: Aran You Lonesome Tonight?

TG4 is less a TV channel, more a state of mind. For irrefutable proof, read the following press release:

ELVIS ARAN PRESLEY ? TG4 ? Sunday 3rd December 9.30p.m.
In 1957, Elvis Presley wore what looked distinctly like an Aran Sweater in Jailhouse Rock. Where did it come from? Why was he wearing it? How did this most American of icons end up wearing the most Irish
of icons?

Tom O'Suilleabh?in (pictured) is an actor ? you may know him from Showbands, The Clinic or Intermission ? but Tom is also an Elvis fan. The connection between Elvis and the Aran sweater has fascinated Tom for years and now he has been given the opportunity to find out more. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v498/MauriceColgan/Tom20O20SuilleabhE280A6t20Graceland.jpg

In an odyssey that takes him to the Aran Islands, then on to Memphis, Tom meets with Elvis' family and friends in an attempt to throw some light on the mystery of Elvis' attraction to Aran sweaters. Ultimately this is a quest to find the sweater and bring it back home to its natural resting place in the Aran Sweater Museum on Inis M?r."
TG4 is our Irish language TV Channel. It regularly shows Elvis's movies and is an Elvis friendly zone:-) It's home looks out over the the famously beautiful Galway Bay.

The sweater I was informed is actually a Cable stitch............maybe based on the Aran Knitwear. Ladies?