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11-12-2006, 09:41 AM
As anyone bought this book ,if so what sre your thoughts. it seems this is the best ever book about elvis we are ever going to read. if i had a pond for how many book writers say this i would be rich.
title says it all. It's the brand new Elvis Tribute book produced by Joe
Esposito and The Dreamfactory.

Remember Elvis is an Elvis biography unlike any other. It is a book that borders
on the impossible in terms of making it and putting it together. It is a book
that deserves your attention and is a must have for your collection.

Here are the reasons why.

The 450+ page "Remember Elvis" is in my opinion the best Elvis biography ever
written and created. For starters it doesn't look the same as all the other
Elvis books available out there. Starting with the cover the artist captured the
charisma and showmanship of the most remarkable and influential entertainer we
all love in a very creative and distinguished way. It is certainly not a book
cover you will easily forget.

If you think that judging a book by it's cover would be an indication of what
you can find inside; in the case of "Remember Elvis" you would be correct. This
book has more creativity and enlightening content packed on each page than you
can shake a stick at, and that is not hype talking. It is a fact. This book is
beautiful, intense and highly entertaining and fun to read. And best of all.
It's all the truth as told by those that were closest to Elvis. You will hear
from Sam Phillips, Marion Cocke, Charlie Hodge, Jerry Schilling, Tom Brown,
Loanne Parker, Ann Margret, Phyllis Davis, Mac Davis, Rona Barrett, Glenn
Campbell, Kenny Rogers and the list goes on forever! (almost 200 people).

Based on my experience developed over many many years in the entertainement
industry; I know for a fact how reluctant most celebrities are when getting
involved in a project that is less than exceptional. So the fact that over 200
individuals of this calibre including fans the world over, have contributed
their time, energy, special insights and memories to a book that symbolizes the
true essence of Elvis should tell you how special and unique this book really

I personally would categorize this book as a work of art that should serve as
the ultimate tribute to Elvis Presley.

You will find yourself referring back to this book often after you complete your
first reading of it. It is not the typical read once and then put it back in the
shelf type of book. This book is designed to enlighten and share the love the
world feels for Elvis.
The mere fact that it is not a story book on Elvis becomes clear when you
realize that there is so much to learn, so much to absorb and experience. You
simply keep learning something new everytime you pick it up! Ask anyone who is
re-reading it for the fourth or fifth time. The answer is still the same. I love
it and woww!

One thing is for sure, when you read this book which includes the ever changing
facial expressions (a first in any book) showing you the true emotions by those
telling their side of the story at the moment they are saying the statement, you
will feel your heart go out to them over and over. Especially in the chapter
titled "Impossible Dream" The power that one chapter has over anyone that reads
this book is phenomenal.

11-12-2006, 10:01 AM
Well you've certainly sold me on it elvislady. I can't wait to get it.:D