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-Memphis Press Scimitar- Jan.8, 1982
Recently, the Presley estate applied to rezone Graceland in order to open portions to the public by spring.
Our source says current plans are to open only Elvis` trophy room, at the south end of the mansion, next to the swimming pool and the racquetball court, which is separate building to the southeast of the mansion.
The rezoning is needed so an admission can be charged and so items can be sold on the property. we have been told the estate plans to charge a nominal fee at the gate for entrance onto the grounds; then another-reportedly $5- to enter the trophy room.
What would the Graceland visitor see in the trophy room?
That depends on which entrance is used. If visitors were alowed to use Graceland front door, they would walk through Elvis` piano room, immediately to the right of the entrance, to reach the trophy room, In that case, they could see the piano at which he sat for hours playing and singing. He also normaly had his Bible atop the piano and during a lengthly conversation I had with him one night at the piano, he thumbed the Bible nervously while talking.
A second entrance to the trophy room goes through a door near the pool.
Inside the trophy room, Elvis displayed various awards he recived from cities all over the United States, movie magazines and trade journals which featured him on hte front cover, his many gold records and hid lone Grammy award (for the gospel album, even though he was known as the King of Rock n` Roll), a composite picture of his Humes High Class of 1953, taken by photographer Elie Jaffie, plus scoresd of news papers clippings which had been reduced to micofilm. In addition, there were his Army discharge papers and various letters on display.
Other rooms downstairs at Graceland include the den, dining room and kitchen.

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:hmm: Guess greed is still the top of their list at Graceland. ;) Wonder if they could figure out a way to sell his spirit??? Dovey

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