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06-12-2004, 06:00 AM

EASTER SPECIAL - Outtakes From Elvis' Gospel Recording Sessions

http://www.tcb-world.com/files/listen.gif Tracklist: (click on the track to hear a 20 second sample) Help

01: March Of Dimes announcement from 1957
02: It Is No Secret - take 5
03: He Knows Just What I Need - take 1
04: Mansion Over The Hilltop - take 1
05: Joshua Fit The Battle - take 1
06: I'm Gonna Walk Dem Golden Stairs - takes 2 & 3
07: Known Only To Him - takes 1 & 2
08: Run On - take 2
09: Stand By Me - take 7
10: So High - take 3
11: Somebody Bigger Than You And I - take 12
12: We Call On Him - takes 4 & 5
13: Saved - take 1
14: An Evening Prayer - take 2
15: Seeing Is Believing - take 4
16: There Is No God But God - takes 1 & 2
17: He Is My Everything - take 1
18: Bosom Of Abraham - take 7
19: I Got A Feeling In My Body - take 7
20: If That Isn't Love - takes 2, 6 & 7

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12-30-2004, 03:23 PM
Solid Gospel outtakes. Very enjoyable. Highly recomended. 4 stars.

12-29-2005, 05:59 PM
This is one of my all time favorite FTD releases. :cool: I would love to have FTD release some more Gospel outtakes. I truly enjoy hearing Elvis sing music he truly loved. I listen to this one often.



04-11-2006, 05:37 PM
I believe a review for this CD is long over due

The artwork could be better. I do like the cover, but inside would of been nice to have a picture in the studio. I know I ask that alot in my other reviews, but it is true lol

Sound is top notch. Elvis sings gospel music like no other. You know when Elvis sings, he believes it. and that is why he sounds so good singing gospel. It is great to have a collection of just Gospel music. Well rounded not only in types of genre of music, but also through the years of when he recorded these wonderful heart felt songs.

It Is No Secret-beautifully done. His voice rings with passion.

He Knows Just What I Need-a good first take and Elvis is feeling it, but just too fast for his liking.

Mansion Over the Hilltop-Wonderfully done especially since it is the first take.

Joshua Fit the Battle-Fast pace and Elvis is showing how you can rock a gospel song. Another first take and Elvis seeems to be singing this song all his life.
The drummer does not know that the song needs to slow down for the end.

Im Gonna Walk Dem Golden Stairs-a couple of False starts, but they get it going on the third take

Known Only to Him-The first and second take which shows us how they started the tune with just the verses and not the chorus which is how it was changed too.

Run On-take 2 and another rocker with Elvis in '66. You can hear the maturity in his voice and see that he can still rock.

Stand By Me-a very impressive song that seems to show how much Elvis desired God's help, even with this early take.

So High-a good old gospel number that shines when Elvis gets the opportunity to sing along with the vocal groups like he did in "Working on the Buuilding".

Somebody Bigger Than You and I-a later take that shows that Elvis believed in perfection and was not satisfied with what sounds like the master, but he continued until he felt the song was right.

We Call on Him-a beautiful song with wonderful lyrics. The early false start we hear Elvis say no good. Showing us that he was in control whe it came to recording gospel music.

Saved-we get take 1 from the '68 Comeback Special medley. Very electrifying. You can not only tap your feet, but you feel the energy that Elvis gives out because he believes in the song.

An Evening Prayer-one of my favorites. i was so excited to see and hear the outtake of this gem. Elvis out does himself with this one. One listen to and you will want to hear all of his gospel numbers. and you will know there is not a reason why this album "He Touched Me" won him a grammy after hearing songs like this. Great outtake and close to the master, except he puts more emotion and so do the Imperials into the master take.

Seeing Is Believing-begins with alil chatter which is always cool to hear. A song written by two guys one of them being Red West. A real contemporary tune that has an instrumental false start and then finishes with Elvis completing take 4with an unsure voice. The song is alil bit more slower than the master. He seems to still be getting the song under his belt.

There is No God But God-Not one of my favorites. Begins with a false start of take 1, then a complete take 2 with Elvis still unsure of himself with the song. A bit slower then the master, but a good second take.

He Is My Everything-Elvis clowns around with Farther Along and chats a bit before recording the song. We get alil behind the scenes with Elvis directing the groups and musicians on how the song goes. A year prior Elvis recorded the same song, but the country version "There Goes My Everything". Here we have take 1 of the Gospel version. Well done close to the master.

Bosom of Abraham-A later take which shows Elvis in good spirits and rocking on a very good gospel number. Where Elvis gets a chance to play Bass in parts of the song. lol

I Got A Feeling in my Body-A true 70's number with James playing some good funk guitar is what i call it.

If that Isnt Love-A very good song telling the whole Gospel story and Elvis really is showing his emotion and feeling for this song in his voice with some good false starts and breaking the song in to become his own.

A must for any Elvis collector. If you like Elvis and you have none of his gospel CD's then shame on you. You need to get at least one of them, but this CD here is an excellent companion to either "Amazing Grace-His Sacred Performances" or "Peace in the Valley".


10-02-2006, 04:49 AM
I am a big fan of Elvis Gospel, so this is one of my favorite FTD releases.:cool:

01-06-2009, 05:05 PM
I love this cd(y)