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05-22-2005, 05:54 PM
hi guys and girls, just got done reading the ebtp book. not bad some nice memories but where oh where are the rare pictures and archival items:angry: . i counted about four new photos and the rest was stuff we have seen before and pictures of lisa's cereal bowl, tricycle crayons etc... now in my opinion i think the elvis day by day book that came out a few years back had much rarer photos and more intresting archival stuff example the contract written on the international htel table cloth, recipts for jumpsuits, and so on. even the elvis fashion book had much more intresting photos. don't get me wrong i loved the dvd it is the definitive elvis documentary to date in my opinion, the soundtrack cd was so so. you know those takes of jailhouse rock will pop up on an ftd set in the future. but i wish the book could have been a little better. along the lines of elvis day by day. what do you guys think:hmm: . p.s i must have watched the karate footage about 20 times already, that was worth the price of the dvds alone:cool: . it would be nice to have the whole thing one day.... maybe in 2050:lmfao: . have a great week... simmerrocks.. pps hello to the lovely carolyn m:blush: . all the best from the good ol' usa

05-22-2005, 06:23 PM
Hello to you too simmerocks, you devil you......

I agree with you about the EBTP book, I really wasn't at all happy when I received it, I'm just glad I didn't purchase it from any of the outlets here in Australia and paid the full price for it......I will be buying the DVD, even though after receiving the book, I declared very loudly that I wouldn't buy the DVD or the CD. But having read the reviews of this DVD I have changed my mind, I'm allowed, I'm female :D The short version will be televised here on the 5th June, so no doubt you will here from all the Aussies.......I have a version of Elvis Day By Day, but it's not the Guralnick one, it by some other author, not as good as the original I don't think. Just on the matter of authors, I picked up the book by June Juanico from my local library the other day and have almost finished it. She sounds as though she would have been very good for Elvis, but it seems as though she found it difficult to be his girlfriend even back in 56.......as I read it, I can't help but think that Elvis remained the same throughout his whole adult life, it was ok for him to be with anyone he chose, or who was handy at the time, but any girl he was dating had to stay glued to the phone waiting for his next call. The girls we say would have been good for Elvis had only one 'flaw'...they had minds of their own.......Priscilla just took a while to get hers......But I can bet you the 'farm' that if Elvis was alive today, there would be sparks flying between him and Lisa.........two Elvis' and that is exactly her personality is, it seems.......she will call a spade a 'f....g spade'.....and for those who dont think Lisa and Elvis are alike, you really need to listen to the out takes of the studio recordings. Lisa should really watch her language, but how do we know that for example the interview with Rolling Stone that the jounalist didn't do a bit of editing to her interview to add a few choice words. OK, Elvis didn't ever know his studio out-takes would be released, but he could still swear and curse with the best of them. Even during EOT, he knew the camera and mics were on him, after the incident in the car of course, but he made a point of telling Joe (was it) before he went on stage about the girl the night before, was he making it up, I don't know? I just don't particularly like to judge people before I know them, and definately don't believe what I read in the newspapers or magazines. On a much, very much smaller, scale, my family and I have been misquoted on a couple of local (Northern Territory, Australia) stories, and no amount of calling the editors or writing to the editors did any good. Don't be too harsh people, take the good with the bad. Good night simmerocks, sleep tight.....

05-22-2005, 07:03 PM
good points carolyn, lisa is very very much like her daddy. and i felt the same about june juanico, she seemed very good for our man elvis, but if she couldn't handle his fame in 56 how would she have survived the army years and the 60's and touring in the 70's. if you get a chance pick up the guralnick day by day and you will see what i'm talking about. and enjoy the elvis by the presleys dvd it is awesome. when you get it go right to the bounus karate footage on disc 2 it will blow your socks off..... then you won't be able to walk a block in your socks;) :P :D :lmfao: . glad to chat with you. have a great week, your friend... simmerrocks(y)

05-22-2005, 10:55 PM
I was also very impressed with the karate segment, Mike. I didn't know there was going to be audio (an impression probably derived from the overdubbing on This Is Elvis), and I especially didn't know it was going to be Elvis addressing the crowd, explaining things. I think he came across pretty well, though slightly medicated.

I say 'pretty well' because the way he spoke and presented himself was definitely impressive but a couple of the demonstrations and one explanation he gave were something along the lines of the story of Softly, As I Leave You.

I need to watch that segment again--kids, where's the :censored: DVD remote??!!--but there's one thing I loved on This Is Elvis that I don't remember seeing on this DVD. At one point Elvis did this flurry of moves starting with his arms and ending with a kick intended to break his opponent's knee. First of all those moves looked very skillful, and secondly it was cool as hell the way he nonchalantly moved away from whoever it was he was demonstrating with after that kick. It was almost funny the way he took this really slow step after doing all that...funny, but very cool.

I'm very glad to have this new footage though. Seeing new film of Elvis talking is nearly on the same level to me as if it were a newly discovered song. Well, not quite, but it's pretty exciting.

This may sound cheesy, but I liken that to finding a memento of a deceased family member which sheds just a little more light on a particular chapter in his or her life; something you didn't know before that adds a missing piece to the puzzle.

05-23-2005, 04:53 PM
hi lonnie, i know the exact part from this is elvis that you are talking about. that was one of the coolest things i have ever seen:cool: . and only elvis could have pulled it off and looked so cool. and you're right it does kind of remind me of softly as i leave you when he is explaining about the karate and the 'chi'. he was always very dramatic when he spoke, he really could hold your attention. have a great week, all the best from the usa... simmerrocks(y)