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04-15-2005, 07:04 AM
Funny--just as a coincidence I was about to post this and I saw NightRider just reported on Rockin' Across Texas. Thanks for that.

I haven't even ordered any of these latest releases yet, but since they aren't being talked about on here yet I wonder if most people--those who've ordered them--have them yet or what.

I don't buy every FTD, but I am planning to get Big Boss Man and Elvis Is Back, and I may get Rockin' later. (I catch myself drooling at times thinking about the upcoming Today release.) Anyway, does anyone have anything to report on BBM or EIB? I'm especially interested in hearing about the former.

04-15-2005, 07:23 AM
Here are my first impressions on the new FTD release.....Big Boss Man

See see rider

When it starts i thought...oh no!! The first couple of lines Elvis sings are way back - hardly hear him at all. Thoughts of 'Oh man...what the hell??...he soon ups the volume to my linking...and it turns into a nice version.
Nothing out of the ordinary. But a nice version all the same.

You gone nuts and cracked up. Is something on the show that shouldn't be - says Elvis

Well...well..well...that?s all folks...

I Got a Woman/Amen

We all know that Elvis is in great shape at this time...and this shows it. Not the best version i ever heard...
But good and strong for sure.

Stop giggling..this is a serious business....

As the karate is in no doubt full slow...JD does his bit...and Elvis appears happy with it as there is no call
for another try...

Good evening ladies and gentlemen....I am Ann Margaret...

An interesting conversation follows with a Lady fan...you will enjoy this!!

Love Me

Starts to sing and manages to hold back, partly, the laughs...obviously brought on by the prior conversation.
Decent enough version. But nothing special. Nice ending though...

If You Love Me (Let me know)

I have heard Elvis go for it a little more...but as the song continues he appears to get into it.
Turns into a good version.

Thank you very much...you are a good audience...

And I Love You So

Very cool version. It sometimes still astounds me how well Elvis could sing live...and this is one of those..
can you tell he is live? Yes you can. But hopefully you know what I mean. First impression of this - I will play this version a whole lot. For me, the highlight so far.

Big Boss Man

Looking forward to a good version. As soon as I saw that it was included on this show.
So is it? Yes..it is...great to hear in this sound quality. My copy had a small jump half way through the song!
But as my stereo has been playing up of late...I hope it?s that and not the CD!

It?s Midnight

Love this song. The studio version is simply awesome. So how does this version compare? Obviously its not a haunting as the studio version...but a good solid version from start to finish.
I have noticed that Elvis' vocal is a little 'here and there' (sound wise)...sometimes a little quieter than others...that aside...a cool job.

Promised Land

What a great song line up...what a shame that he didn't always mix it up like this. Promised Land didn't feature
enough in Elvis' live concerts...good rocking' version...

Thankyou very much...this next song is rough! What do you wanna hear? Burning Love?

Burning Love

Play the bass Duke!

Good version. Elvis looses it a little in the middle - but holds it together to finish the song in great fashion.
I have read that Elvis didn't like performing this...strange then, that he did it so many times.

Introductions....including versions of what?d i say and School days
What'd i say...Elvis sings (in the background) during James' solo...
Then Ronnie's Drum solo...which is pretty cool...but as I believe that the guy is one awesome drummer. I would say that. One of the very best there has been.

How do you follow that Duke?

Duke Bardwell solo...Ok...but no Jerry Scheff...

Piano solo follows. Then electric piano. David Briggs. Actually a pretty cool solo. Elvis' Oh Yeah! Can be heard in
the background...

Thank you David...

Other member?s introductions follow...

Charlie Hodge...what? I wouldn't dream of throwing water on you...I will through it at Duke...Elvis laughs...

Orchestra follows...

There is another lovely young lady in the audience I would like to introduce...say hello to Barbara Streisand

My Boy

another highlight for me. Great song performed live with perfection. This is another that I will no doubt play
on a very regular basis.

I'll remember you

Not my favourite ever Elvis track...and Elvis fools and talks through most of it. Which does nothing to make me enjoy it anymore. Although I like to hear Elvis fooling. He does ruin most of the song. Comes strong eventually
just before it ends. Another Love Me Tender. If you know what I mean.

Let Me Be There

Good strong version. Always liked this for some reason. And Elvis usually performs it very well. This is no exception....Not quite as strong as some versions I have heard...but good all the same.

You want a scarf honey? I love you too dear...let me go over here and Kiss...I can't get it on with you here...Maybe later...

Hound Dog

Wait a minute my drummer broke his snare....

Not bad...but sung just going through it. He should have maybe dropped this from the line-up. Does not appear to
enjoy the song as once he did....

American Trilogy.

Never have I heard a bad version of Trilogy. And this is no different. In fact, I quite liked this version.

Dixieland...where they were born....

As it builds...it gets better and better. Elvis goes for it...in short bursts...when you hear it you will know
what I mean. As it quiets for the 'so hush'. As does Elvis...preparing for one of the most spectacular moments on stage...the Trilogy ending...Not as powerful as he could be....but by no means bad...I can never imagine anyone else performing this.

Can't help falling in love...

Well...that?s the show over already...

To sum up. A good show. Elvis performed very well. Nothing really 'exceptional'...but nothing 'disappointing' either...

Bonus Songs

You don?t have to say you love me

Cool version. Nicely performed...

The Wonder of You

Totally goofed at the start. Elvis starts with the wrong words. And doesn't seem to really get into it at all.
Far from the best I have heard...and that doesn't include the 1970 versions....why include this as bonus track? Well I suppose if this is all they had left. It?s better to hear it than not....

Bridge Over Troubled Water...

I was hoping for something great after 'The Wonder of You'. That was a low point in the CD. This soon had me back up again. Very, very cool version. This I will come back to for certain. Elvis' voice is deep and powerful. Alongside the earlier versions...I haven't heard it sung better too many times....thumbs up!!!

Little Darlin'

A couple of starts that Elvis is not happy with...

God **** it! Lets do it right!
Interesting...with Elvis saying....?you silly son of a *****' half way through...funny version...nice to hear...I think they are having a BALL!!

Hawaiian wedding song

Well sung...nice version. With a few laughs mixed in. Nothing to shout about. But again. Nice to hear.

Green Green Grass of Home

As we already know...great version. Sound is not as good as the rest of the CD...no improvement (that I notice) on what we have had before...


Great version again....I actually like this...especially when sung live...very enjoyable...

You're the reason I?m Living

The same as we have already have...nice song to include though...a fine ending...and includes a little more Elvis talking at the end. Unless I am mistaken.

A cool CD from FTD. Not the best release ever...but a **** decent one.
Highlights...cool if incomplete show...
Lows...The Wonder Of You...

Hope you enjoyed my first impressions

04-15-2005, 11:24 AM
Thank you Nightrider, I am glad that I did not jump an buy the set.......far too mayn of the concerts that have never played more than a couple of times at the most.

04-15-2005, 02:07 PM
Greatly appreciate your detailed report, Chris. Sounds like a winner in my book.

04-15-2005, 03:34 PM
Greatly appreciate your detailed report, Chris. Sounds like a winner in my book.

My pleasure Bobby...(y)

Hope it made some sense :lmfao:

U.S. Male
04-15-2005, 08:17 PM
Man I cannot wait for my copy of Big Boss Man to arrive; I always wanted to see my name on a cover:lmfao:

Seriously, thanks Chris for the terrific review of the cd:D ...the only downer (for me) is no 2001 theme.....I hate it when they're not on a concert cd!:'(

Captain Elwood David
04-15-2005, 09:10 PM
Man I cannot wait for my copy of Big Boss Man to arrive; I always wanted to see my name on a cover.

Please sign my copy for me, BBM.

Definitely, a "keeper." ;)

- Capt. "EL."

U.S. Male
04-16-2005, 11:04 AM
My pleasure Captain......this ought to reduce the cd's value by at least $30.00:lmfao: