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http://www.the-med.org/images/title-trauma.gif24 Hour Trauma Services
[Established in 1983 and designated as a Level 1 Tennessee Trauma Center in 1985. Dr. Timothy C. Fabian (http://www.the-med.org/fabian.html). <LI class=style35>Has served over 80,000 Level 1 trauma patients from a six state area. <LI class=style35>The 24-hour trauma team includes trauma surgeons, anesthesiologists, CRNA's, trauma nurses, medical students, respiratory therapists, orderlies, x-ray and lab technicians. The trauma receiving area has 4 shock trauma bays for the initial assessment of the trauma patient and 13 critical care assessment rooms.The trauma center has 4 dedicated operating rooms and a two bed recovery room. There is a 23 bed dedicated trauma intensive care unit, a 7 bed trauma stepdown unit, and a 26 bed post trauma unit.
The Trauma Center's Medical Director is Dr. Martin Croce.
[/LIST]The Wall of Honor

http://www.the-med.org/images/wallofhonor.gif With the original dedication of the Elvis Presley Memorial Trauma Center in 1983, fans from throughout the world have sought ways in which to participate in the mission of this Center of Excellence and to memorialize Elvis Presley. For their efforts and those businesses who continue to support the work done at the EPMTC, a "Wall of Honor" was established by the MED Foundation in 1990. The wall today consists of nearly 300 plaques, each of which is inscribed according to the wish of the donor along with a date. One need only to look at the names, fan clubs, and countries from which financial support has come to this Center. It is truly a fitting tribute to the memory of Elvis and what he stood for that his many fans have made this Center of Excellence a priority for their charitable contributions.

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Fabulous article! Not to "Drag that string around" so to speak, but I know he gave to the humane society as well... did? I wonder if there is an allotment for this now in place?
Elvis was a great man, no doubt about that.

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