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12-12-2008, 06:27 AM
The Utah Court of Appeals has declined to hear an appeal from a man who believes he is Elvis Presley's biological son and who was convicted of making threatening phone calls to 3rd District Court judges. Ernest John Young, who also is known as Jason Presley, was sentenced in 2007 to zero-to-five years in prison for one count of retaliating against a judge, a third-degree felony. Young pleaded guilty but later tried unsuccessfully to withdraw his plea.

In his appeal, Young claimed that he had not entered into the plea bargain knowingly and willingly, and cited the law regarding plea bargains and withdrawing a guilty plea after it has been entered. However, the appeals court in a brief ruling issued Thursday said that Young in his appeal, "makes no effort to analyze the facts in his case based upon the law he cites." The ruling said "it is not the court's responsibility to scour the record looking for facts and arguments to support an appellant's broad assertions." At his sentencing, Young's lawyer, Brook Sessions, said that Young had not been taking necessary medication and had been drinking heavily when he made threatening phone calls to two judges in 2006, insisting that they pursue people whom Young said had conspired to murder Presley.

Young also insists that he is the heir to the vast Presley fortune. Among other things, Young has previously filed court documents regarding Presley's daughter, Lisa Marie. One document Young filed in federal court alleges that Lisa Marie Presley was involved in kidnapping triplet children by helicopter from the University of Utah Hospital as well as conspiring to commit other crimes, including several murders. The case involving the threats against the state district judges was moved from the state's 3rd District to the 4th District to avoid any conflicts of interest.

Sessions at the time of sentencing asked 4th District Judge Gary Stott to give Young probation and have him monitored in the community by a mental health court. But a pre-sentence report drawn up by Adult Probation and Parole said Young was not a good choice for community-based services and supervision, and Young was subsequently sent to prison


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