View Full Version : Behind the scenes of "Live a little, love a little"

Nicole Presley
12-09-2008, 02:20 PM
In the scene where Elvis & Michele Carey kiss on the beach and Albert yawns, could it be that that they had to laugh when he did that? I just wondered, because I showed some parts of the movie to my twinsister (even though she hates Elvis :P) and she had to laugh when Albert yawned so funny...
And then I looked at the scene again and again and I noticed that his hair looked like he didnīt comb it for a while (I donīt know the right word) when Albert yawned. And a second later his hair looked like he had just combed it. And when Albert yawns Micheleīs hand is on Elvisī shoulder and then her hand isnīt on his shoulder any more... Did anyone hear a story of the filming of "Live a little, love a little"? It would be weird if the wouldnīt have laughed when Albert made such a funny noise. :lol: