View Full Version : Newest CDS - Lets Talk !!

Unchained Melody
12-05-2008, 12:16 PM
Wondering if their any CD collectors out there.

Wanted to make a thead strictly for discussing CD's like the latest Follow That Dream releases, boots, BMG stuff etc.

The women have their thread about Elvis - Your Favorite Features etc :blush::blush:(nothing wrong with that mind you) just wanting to see if any want to talk about the latest CD releases :D

Me I'm waiting on December Nights ( 4 December 1976 Midnight Show) from the SR Label. It should be here anytime now, just hope the sound is as good as Vegas Variety 2 was.

And as for the I'll Remember You FTD, It better not be Vegas Rythm, I would be very dissapointed if so.