View Full Version : "Heart And Soul" Meeting in Groningen (22.11.08)

The Welz
11-22-2008, 12:55 PM
On 22nd November there was a meeting in Groningen called "Heart And Soul". Besides the singer Rene Diekman there was the Country Trail Band and Andre Sharon who provided the musical programme. Special guest was Larry Geller.

The Elvis Shop offered little and so did the rest of the meeting. Rene Diekman may be a good singer but wasn't my cup of tea at all. And Andre Sharon ruined Elvis' songs in every way possible. What he presented to the audience could be heard in any Karaoke bar at three o' clock at night. Larry Geller told all the well known stories, but seemed much more sympathic then I had expected. When the photos were taken with the fans, he was very kind too. This could not be said about the master of the meeting (greetings - by the way!) who interrupted Mr. Geller in a very unkind way and told him that his time was off. After he saw the reaction of the fans he gave him another fifteen minutes: How nice!

To make it short: It wasn't worth attending!