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Billy Budd
09-06-2008, 10:03 AM
So what do you think about "The best kept secret: Elvis live at Sahara Tahoe" book by Sue McCasland (don't know it this have been answered here before)?

I think it's a fine book and a fine document about a period in Elvis' career that seems lost in many ways.


It's nice to look at the pictures even though a lot of them aren't the best we've seen. But then again: Fans were not allowed to take pictures at the Lake Tahoe shows.

It's nice to see Elvis in 1974 in his greatest jumpsuit - The Mexican Sundial Suit. Fits him perfect. You'll also find never before seen photos with complementary items in the book.

What i miss is (although i have it in my own archive) is a complete list of the shows in Lake Tahoe. Date, attendance and - if possible (not!) - which jumpsuit did Elvis wear.

In the book you'll find information about a lot of interesting things - based on "eye witness" reports from the fans. Especielly Sue herself. Stories by fans who share their memories of the moments with Elvis.

What i would have liked insted was an objective day-by-day chronicle of what happened with all the facts known. I would not call this book a "definitive book" - as the publishers say - about Lake Tahoe. Because such a book can never be written. What we miss is more facts.