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09-30-2004, 11:31 AM
Happy New Year From Pontiac 1975



01. 2001: A space odyssey
02. See see rider
03. I got a woman / Amen
04. Dialogue about splitting his pants
05. Love me
06. Trying to get to you
07. And I love you so
08. All shook up
09. Teddy bear / Don't be cruel
10. Heartbreak hotel
11. One night
12. You gave me a mountain
13. Polk salad Annie
14. Sweet sweet spirit (by JD Sumner & The Stamps)
15. Band introductions
- What'd I say
- Band solos
- School days
16. My way
17. Love me tender
18. Elvis wishes everyone a happy new year
19. Auld lang syne
20. How great Thou art (with reprise)
21. It's now or never
22. America the beautiful
23. Introductions Vernon and Lisa Marie
24. Hound dog
25. Wooden heart (one line only)
26. Can't help falling in love

Label: Quality Music Inc 001
Released: 2001
Sound quality: poor/average (audience recording)

Date: December 31, 1975 (new year's eve)
Location: Pontiac

Jumpsuit: Rainfall suit

Reviews: n/a

Pictures: 2

07-31-2007, 01:12 AM
The show its self runs for 83 minutes, this is not including the opening acts which run for an additional 53 minutes, a lot has been said about this show. That Elvis didn’t like it because of the poor sound, the cold, and it couldn’t have been too much fun for the fans sitting in the cold for around four and half-hours. But that doesn’t stop Elvis putting on a great show.