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03-03-2008, 01:59 AM
Bob Lanning
Lanning played drums on 63 shows early 1970, replacing Ronnie Tutt.
He was the drummer during the legendary Houston shows.
The six Astrodome-appearances by Elvis drew a crowd of over 80.000.

Larrie Londin
Larrie Londin sat in for Ronnie Tutt for the firt tour of 1976 (9 shows) and for Elvis’ last 3 shows in June 1977.
Elvis often joked about Larry’s overweight: “This is Larry Londin, and he’s about the seize of London.”
And during “You gave me a Mountain”, Elvis once remarked looking at Larry: “And he’s right there.”
Also referred to as the Human Clock, Larry Londin was the best session drummer of Nashville and often travelled with the band as the drummer for the Sweet Inspirations.
“My first real meeting with Elvis was a rather bizarre one”, Larry said in an interview.
“I was asked to do an audition in Graceland.
I was waiting for half an hour or so, and suddenly Elvis came down, dressed in a blue jump suit.
He shook my hand and said that everything would be just fine. But I never auditioned.
The first time I played for him, was on stage.”
After 1977, Larry opened a drum-shop in Nashville and backed the Everly Brothers.
He died of a massive heart attack.

Jerome Munroe
Munroe was the drummer for The Sweet Inspirations and played the 'warm-up' before the main event.
As far as performing with the main band, he sat in for Ronnie Tutt, in December 7th 1975, who had threatened to leave the band over a pay issue.
He also played drums during one concert in 1977.

Ronnie Tutt
Ronnie Tutt, from Dallas TX, performed in almost every show and is one of the true long-term and loyal members of the TCB band.
He started in 1969 on the first show but was replaced by Bob Lanning for the Vegas engagement in January / February and the 6 Astrodome shows early 1970.
Ronnie Tutt is probably the best rock-drummer alive today.
After 1977, Tutt continued doing studiowork in Nashville.
He is currently a member of Neil Diamond’s Road Show.