View Full Version : Johnny B Goode rehearsal 1972

01-31-2008, 05:07 AM
I just found this: http://fr.youtube.com/watch?v=zws8sS8wozQ
isn't it amazing? :)

01-31-2008, 05:16 AM
I enjoy the rehearsals . He seems so relaxed and having such a good time.
Thanks for sharing this.

Unchained Melody
01-31-2008, 09:10 PM
My favorite version of Johny B Goode is from EOT Rehearsal's ;)!

02-01-2008, 06:27 AM
And that is the exact performance as heard on the CD, and the one that the movie opens with, and I love it!

One of the most essential FTDs for sure.

And someday we'll have this video in perfect quality...tick...tock...

Rising Sun
02-01-2008, 07:51 AM
Great Video Popo, thanks for posting (y) I love this song :clap:

02-02-2008, 01:08 AM
So awesome!!!! :clap: Thanks for sharing it.