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09-09-2007, 07:22 PM
Im buying an Ipod and im making a list of good Elvis songs for all years and i was wondering if anyone could help with the list...here is what i have so far.:D

thank you, thank you very much!

just Pretend
love Letters
It Hurts me
peace In The Valley
seperate Ways
Ive Lost You
kentucky Rain
crying In the Chapel
mess Of Blues
you dont have to say u love me
moody blue
youve lost that loving feeling
its only love
just cant help belivein
I'll Remeber You
funny How Time Slips Away
cant Stop Lovin You
such an easy question
anyplace is paradise
one sided love affair
money honey
trying to get to you
anything thats part of you
this is living
im yours
king of the whole wide world
spring fever
Gotta thing about you baby
wearing that loved on look
and i love you so
only the strong survive
blue river
see see rider
girl next door went a walkin
blueberry hill
never been to spain
polk salad annie
i really dont want to know
until its time for you to go
too much monkey business
let it be me
fools rush in
its midnight
patch it up
walk a mile in my shoes
gentle on my mind
dont leave me now
make the world go away
is it so strange
true love travels on a gravel road
flip flop and fly
soldier boy
promise land
the lady loves me
western union
your time hasnt come yet baby
teddy bear
sweet caroline
maries the name of his latest flame
shes not you
i beg of you
burning love
way down
baby lets play house
bridge over troubled water
always on my mind
high heeled sneakers
put the blame on me
big boss man
lawdy miss clawdy
shake rattle and roll
meanest girl in town
big love big heart ache
doin the best i can
early morning rain
suspicious minds
for the good times
for the heart
i can help
what do you want me to do
shoppin around
mary in the morning
he'll have to go
when im over you
its only love
kentucky rain
moody blue
anyday now
if you talk in your sleep (1974)
the next step is love

The King's Queen
09-09-2007, 07:29 PM
Oh my...that's a great list! But I think you forgot:

A Big Hunk O' Love
Steamroller Blues
Seperate Ways
Mean Woman Blues
Mystery Train
Tiger Man
Burning Love
American Trilogy

Gee...I guess I could go on and on...LOL!

09-09-2007, 07:45 PM
Just put the whole kit and kaboodle on your iPod! I only have over 300 Elvis songs on my iPod but I have soooo much more I need to add.

As long as you have Can't Help Falling In Love and Bridge Over Troubled Water, you're on your way! Have fun!!!!

09-10-2007, 09:00 AM
Good for you, yes just put everything on it. Do you have video with your's? I have Elvis clips too!! I just love my Ipod!

Have a great time with it.(y)(y)

Dave Wyatt
09-10-2007, 09:03 AM
I got a small Sony MP3 player which holds only about 300 songs.