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President Presley
08-24-2007, 11:32 AM
A word from Lisa-Marie about the 30th Anniversary on her MySpace blog:

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


The last 3 days in Memphis have been incredible!
No one could ask for more. The turnout in the Unbreathable and relentless heat, The THOUSANDS in the shut down streets with candles throughout the night and into the next day. I was so overwhelmed and in AWE on the night of the 16th, that after 30 years he can still sell out a stadium with people from all over the world and even have to have a second show that same night. I was overwhelmed at the Unity and the Love that permeated the room that when it was time for me to speak after the video and performance, all that would come out was how overwhelmed I was. Lame Dork that I am I forgot to thank all of the people who helped make this almost impossible task happen in less than 2 weeks!!!
I must thank them now or I won't sleep!

First of all:
Mac Davis (who wrote the beautiful song!) I spoke to him the day before it went out and told him my plan. He was very appreciative and sweet about it.

Simon Fuller, Lian Prarie, Jesse Albert and 19 Management (for helping us with getting it up on iTunes in much less time than they usually do things and for all of the work that took!)

Steven Saftig and the team at iTunes (for making it happen).

David Foster (one phone call and he gave me the only 4 hours he had to sing and work on the track before he had to leave the country) and he did it for nothing.

His engineer Jochem van der Saag (he continued work on it once David left and took minimal pay).

Michael Lockwood (helped get the mix right to keep it Organic).

Tony Kaye (He is in the middle of shooting a movie in New Orleans but took this video on anyway and made it happen in a matter of days! We shot it on Saturday, in a few hours on his day off from the movie and Premiered it On WEDNESDAY 4 days later, he did it for nothing.) We both wanted more time on it but had to let it go because of deadlines.

I would also like to include his staff in this for working overtime and losing sleep.

Stig Edgran who did such an amazing job with "Elvis in Concert".

Paige Dorian (took over after everyone else told me all the reasons it
couldn't be done in less than 2 weeks and made it all happen).

Gary Hovey (Skeptical as you were, you got the clearances and made them happen regardless ;)

RCA and Sony ATV (For giving them).

Gary Stiffelman (He did whatever he could to help me make it happen).

Billy Mann (helped with many great ideas, got inspired and helped in any way he could including coming up with the location idea in New Orleans to build the second Presley Place).

Joseph Llanes for your photographs and sleepless nights working on the project.

Hair and Make up, (Charged less because it is for charity).

GMA, ET, iTunes and AOL for having some faith. (All locked down on showing and promoting the song and video before ever even hearing it or seeing it!)

Thank you guys who are downloading as well. I am hearing IT IS NUMBER ONE ON ITUNES!!

When the building goes up, it is you who helped put it there!

Thank YOU for putting up with all of my Thank Yous!

There has been recent question about the repulsive and degrading "Viva Viagra" commercial as to WHO is responsible for okaying that and letting it out there. There is no way in hell we would ever authorize anything like that. I have found out WHO did and I will tell you. The rights to that song are owned by "Doc Pomus' Estate". The guy's name is Will Bratton. WILL BRATTON and WARNER CHAPEL TOGETHER are Who Licensed it. They are the ones who are profiting and who are responsible for this LIMP DICK OF A COMMERCIAL. Feel FREE to tell them how you feel about it if you want to ;) wink wink.

Much Love

08-24-2007, 11:47 AM
yes, I subscribe to her blog...I'm waiting to see a comment on her pregnancy, or lack thereof...?

08-24-2007, 12:15 PM
Billy Mann...Presumably not the man of the same name who reportedly snapped the National Enquirer coffin photo of Elvis, a cousin of his no less.