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07-23-2007, 09:50 PM
I am currently searching for a version of Elvis On Tour on DVD that is as good as the original VHS release back in the early 1980's by MGM/UA.

I have 2 copies by the same company just packaged differently but am disappointed that when Elvis gets into the limo wearing the white pyramid costume and wearing the gold aviator frames that there is no sound on the split screen segment. I live here in the USA and only have Region 1 DVD players and would greatly love a pristine copy of this film on DVD. I have it on Laser Disc that is just brilliant and several years ago was trying to have it copied from the laser disc to DVD however they wanted way to much money then to do it. It has all the multiscreens and the sound is great. I have E.O.T. on VCD but it is the later version that MGM/UA released that was cropped and really bad news.

Why have they never released this film in its original format like they did for TTWII? Then they could re-release it in a new format as they did for TTWII.

Please advise.

Gary "ELVIS" Landsman aka
Gary "ELVIS" Stuart

rosan santos
09-01-2009, 09:25 PM
i do have a copy of Elvis On Tour and i'm sure this is the one you are looking for.

09-02-2009, 12:41 PM
There has never been an official release.

09-02-2009, 12:45 PM
Please PM privately about this matter, thank you.

09-03-2010, 01:08 PM
Well it is about time that Warner Bros. - aka MGM/UA finally released this commercially to the public. But as usual the powers that be who released this missed the ball on the release. They knew that they were releasing it and they didn't get the rights to the opening credits intro song. The original release opened with Johnny B. Goode. However the version that was released to the theater and the home DVD version opens with an edited live version of Don't Be Cruel. It just doesn't work in my opinion. And with the release of it for years on the home VHS and Beta markets with Johnny B. Goode as the opening and having seen it on t.v. for years, this is the only version that is correct and should have been released.
Also back in the late 1980's or early 1990's when they released the film on LaserDisc there was much more on the picture as far as the screens used. And also the picture quality on the LaserDisc was much more vibrant. Although I must say that the clarity on the DVD is very very good.
But with all of the footage that has surfaced over the years of material that has not been released, I think that they could have offered a lot more to the fans since they dragged their feet in releasing this film to the public.

Brian Quinn
09-03-2010, 06:04 PM
The following review has just been posted on the Web:

"Elvis on Tour
Directed by Pierre Adidge & Robert Abel
By Vish Khanna (http://www.playbill.ca)

Capturing his humility and bombast, the Golden Globe-winning Elvis on Tour is a remarkably revealing and vibrant look at Elvis Presley on a 15-city U.S. tour in 1972. After busting the shackles of the movie contracts that kept him preoccupied throughout the '60s, Presley took to live performances again like a hungry, if eager to please, dog on the hunt. The success of the concert film Elvis: That's The Way It Is only bolstered he and his entourage's belief in the power he wielded as a dynamic, charismatic stage icon. But the King was a complex character, willing to embrace the caricature of his persona if it meant drawing fans and curious onlookers to his more earnest, emotional side. Over 25 performances, both on-stage, backstage and in-studio, Elvis on Tour showcases the full breadth of Elvis's vision as an entertainer, from the pageantry of his giant, kick-*** band and infamous sequined, one-piece suits (and the countless scarves handed out to hysterical fans) to his sincerity as a musician with a deep respect for soul and passion in human expression. Presley and his 15-piece band could be as devastating running through theatrical rockers like "Polk Salad Annie," "Never Been to Spain" and the live debut of "Burning Love" as they are delivering slow-burning ballads like "American Trilogy" or "Bridge Over Troubled Water," where Elvis's command as a performer is matched by his inspiring taste and appreciation for great, witty songwriters. The frantic nature of Elvis's departure from each venue (confirmed by the now famous "Elvis has left the building" tagline at the end of each of these shows) is captured in the close quarters of limousines and backstage escapes, as filmmakers Pierre Adidge and Robert Abel took full advantage of rare access to their star. Including interviews with Elvis and father Vernon, and footage spanning his entire career, the film is a rather brilliant summation of Presley's strengths as a cultural figure just prior to his decline and eventual deterioration as a mortal being. And in employing the split-screen process used by Woodstock, and having a young Martin Scorsese direct the various, contextual montage sequences, Elvis on Tour offers viewers a genuinely multi-layered perspective on the most famous and fascinating musical figure of the last century. (Warner)."

Personally speaking, despite already having a good DVD version of 'On Tour' I still think that the new version is worth purchasing. The sound, particularly the bass is improved as is the colour. For me the only two negative aspects are:

1. The missing 'Johnny B. Goode' opening sequence and

2. The lack of a bonus DVD containing the unreleased outtakes of which we know there are many.

Brian (y)

09-05-2010, 02:30 AM
I completely agree with the two points. I love watching the movie, but it leaves me with a disappointed feeling, only because I know it could have been so much better (or more)

09-07-2010, 10:41 AM
I completely agree with the two points. I love watching the movie, but it leaves me with a disappointed feeling, only because I know it could have been so much better (or more)

Don't worry my friend...it'll only be a matter of time before Warner "magically" clears up all the copyright issues with JOHNNY B. GOODE and all of the ON TOUR outtakes so that they can release the DELUXE EDITION of ELVIS ON TOUR!!! :hmm:

This bare bones version of EOT is, in my opinion, Warner's way of "milking the cow" so to speak. (n)